Episode 1: Fried Eggs

Does everything taste better with a fried egg on top? Molly and Matthew come up with many things that do and a few that don’t. Plus, the pros and cons of snowy white bottom. Recipe: Kimchi fried rice with a fried egg.

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64 thoughts on “Episode 1: Fried Eggs

  1. Sharon K.

    Great podcast! Are you sending John Thorne a link to this since you mentioned him? I was leafing through my collection of Simple Cooking newsletters looking for the toast essay and came across Matthew’s ‘Scallion Pancakes’ essay in Jan/Feb 2001 – reading that made me very hungry again. Excellent. And Molly- I bought your book as a Christmas present to myself – I really enjoyed it. Thanks to you both for your work.

  2. Orazio

    Is there any way you could add a “share” button? I would like to share this with friends on Facebook.com. This was very enjoyable and hope that you will continue posting new podcasts!

  3. ercy

    loved this! looking forward to your next podcast. you mentioned bi-bim-bop and now my mouth is watering…

  4. Dawn

    Loved the podcast. However, I have to take exception to the pancakes with fried eggs. I grew up in Western PA (I know, don’t hold it against me), but fried eggs between pancakes is a regional favorite. The runny yolk with the pancake and the syrup really are good together (think sweet and savory). I’ve had them that way for over 40 years. Try it, you might like it!

    P.s. Don’t be afraid of poached eggs. The key is timing – exactly 3 minutes is perfect for firm whites and runny yolk. It is one of my preferred methods of cooking eggs. Email me if you want my technique to try out ;D

  5. Melanie

    Great fun to listen to. But the truth is that an egg on a pancake, especially a banana pancake with crunchy peanut butter and real maple syrup is good. Rich. Salty-sweet. It’s a happy morning for me :)

  6. Maida

    Writing in from Singapore! I love your podcast! It was so funny… I’m Filipino and we love fried eggs. For breakfast, it is almost mandatory to eat garlic rice and fried egg with either marinated fried beef called tapa or pork sausages called longaniza or fish, pretty much anything.. Its called tapsilog, or longsilog

    But I agree I’m not a fan of the pancake with fried egg thing.


  7. mamster Post author

    Okay, I can retire happy knowing we have a fan in Singapore. Not that we’re retiring. Next episode tomorrow!

  8. Evan

    You two crack me up. Seriously though, well done that was some funny stuff. Also, living in a Korean neighborhood in Toronto, a fried egg on kimchi is a must.

  9. Rebecca

    The fact is, I always have scrambled eggs on the side of my waffles and pancakes and simply can’t understand why everyone doesn’t do that. In a pinch, I would have fried, but you should all try scrambled. It’s my perfect meal.

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