Episode 3: Milkshakes

We’re whizzing up trouble here in the Spilled Milk test kitchen, as your hosts make milkshakes and mistakes in equal measure. Follow us down the rabbit hole. Recipe: Chocolate malt. NOTE: Even though this episode has the Explicit tag, it is probably safe for Grandma’s house, but don’t say we didn’t warn you. Includes suggestive blender noises.

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17 thoughts on “Episode 3: Milkshakes

  1. Jackie

    Great episode! I gotta tell you guys – I’ve been a rabid Orangette fan for about a year and a half (I’m a lurker though). My fave recipes are chana masala, chocolate featherweight cookies, and rhubarb crisp with orange zest (yum), but once I got wind of Matthew via the podcast I had to pick up “Hungry Monkey”. I knew by page 14 that I was going to LOVE the book. I hardly ever laugh aloud while reading, but I laugh practically every other page with this one. I’ve already run out to buy dark soy sauce and sticky rice. Thank you both for bringing your infectious joy and knowledge of food to the world (and me).

    1. mamster Post author

      Thanks so much, Jackie. “Infectious Joy” is our middle name. (Our parents were hippies.)

  2. Jen

    Good timing guys, I was sitting at my desk at work in a bad mood and just checked to see if there was a new podcast and there was! And it was about Milkshakes, even better since ice cream is my favorite food! :) Thanks for making my day, you guys are great! And hilarious, I had to stop myself from laughing out loud so my coworkers wouldn’t catch on to my brief break in productivity…

  3. Lori

    I am not normally a milkshake drinker but y’all made it sound so good, I am going to have to make some. Yes, probably both kinds to see which one I like better. My husband will be so happy. :o)

  4. Rebecca

    You guys are killing me! Last week I just HAD to make some butternut squash soup (America’s Test Kitchen recipe – the requisite weird twist is to steam the squash over the squash innards, which seemed fitting after your anatomy lessons) and now I’m craving a chocolate malt something awful.

  5. Jessica

    Loved this cast! In the middle of this dreary, cloudy winter, this tasty reminder of summer was much-needed.

    I’ve got malt powder (Carnation, at that!) languishing in the cupboard. I’m breaking it out tonight!

    That lemon sorbet-buttermilk-sesame concoction sounds intriguing and perfect for a summer night on the patio.

    Thanks for another great one, guys!

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  7. heyjude

    The wrestler’s wife would be THE Crunch.

    Is there anything more disappointing than ordering a milkshake in a restaurant or diner and having it be too small? “Here’s your 6 ounces of choc mal.”

  8. 12th Man Training Table

    I dunnoh … I had high hopes for this podcast … but to find out that Molly didn’t know what a carney was. That’s going to alienate a huge slice of the foodie demographic.

    On the other hand, if Spilled Milk can bring together fluffy white bottoms and crispy lacey edge types …

  9. Faith

    Yay! I was so excited to see a new show downloading in my iTunes. Great episode – you guys made me laugh all the way through. Malt Enthusiasts of the world, untie! Umm…..what?! :)

  10. Bowen

    Coop shake! My husband and I both went to Pomona and I currently work in the administration and we’ve both enjoyed plenty of Coop shakes in our day. He a 2/3 cookies and cream 1/3 mint chip and me a 1/2 cookies and cream 1/2 coffee … certainly nothing as special as a chocolate malt, but we were both pretty excited to hear the Coop Fountain shout out!

  11. Keith

    Hi. I liked the first episode, just caught the second. I just wonder – why would you peel a beautiful squash? I’ve always chopped them in half and shoved and them in the oven. Fire and forget, easiest dinner I’ve ever made. I mean, if you want to make soup, I could see it – or scoop out the seeds and stuff the hollow with sausage or bacon. Mmmm Mmmm. Will catch third episode very soon.

  12. victoria

    Gosh I wish you guys could do one a day. I listened to this today on the way to work, it was 36C today with humidity through the roof. Stinky travellers all around, unwashed teenage boys, bad breathed oldies, sweatie biggies, this kept me sane, although made me look mad as I laughed out loud. Thanks so much for the public service!

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