Episode 10: Ham

Here at Spilled Milk, our Easter party is still raging, because we can’t stop eating ham. Dry-cured, wet-cured, we don’t care: we love and investigate them all, with stops in Spain, the mall, and the Middle Ages. Recipe: Greens with ham and cheesy grits. www.spilledmilkpodcast.com

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10 thoughts on “Episode 10: Ham

  1. Ariel

    Forward the Ham Brigade!
    Soar over the great ham-scape!
    No domestic dry cure
    except by mail order?
    Theirs, yes, to make reply
    Theirs, yes, to podcast why
    Theirs to demand domestic dry!
    Into the valley of ham
    rode the six hundred.

  2. Hannah Morgan

    I’m loving your podcast. Bob’s Quality Meats in Columbia City has Smithfield ham sometimes. Next time you’re in the market you’ll know where to look!

  3. Andi

    I’m wondering if you caught the wonderful SNL sketch with Jon Hamm and Michael Buble… They propose a restaurant based entirely on ham and champagne, called Hamm and Buble. It’s a laugh!

  4. Molly

    Eviedish, what a shame. They totally should have stuck with toast. Man.

    Hannah, thank you for the tip, re: Bob’s Quality Meats! Very good to know.

    Andi, I hadn’t seen that either! …And now I totally want to see that one-man show about William Faulkner.

  5. CindiP

    This podcast made me laugh out loud when you were explaining how toast is like cooking a cured ham.

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