Episode 11: Peas

If you’ve been taught to cook your peas just until they’re bright green and fresh-tasting, you’re about to get schooled. We know a guy with a pea-encrusted axe to grind. Guest: Francis Lam, food editor, Salon.com. Explicit language. Recipe: Mushy Peas. spilledmilkpodcast.com

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5 thoughts on “Episode 11: Peas

  1. Deb Arnhold

    Fabulous, again and again. I love barely blanched sugar snaps with aioli. My family is addicted to this combo. Thanks! P.S. Loved Francis.

  2. Deb

    Love your podcast! Been an FL fan for a while; pleasure to make your acquaintance.

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  4. victoria

    I do love your podcasts, you always make me laugh out loud, be it on the train or at the gym. I have to tell you something about this recipe though – mushy peas, the UK style, are not mashed up fresh garden peas. Mushy peas are actually soaked marrow fat peas, cooked in a similar way to all dried pulses and always served with malt vinegar. The reason that they’re mushy is that they are from a fish and chip shop and are kept on the heat for hours, so after a while become mushy. I’m sorry to be one of those correcting types, but I know you’re interested in such things, so felt free to speak up!

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