Episode 14: Mystery Lunch

If we told you what it was about, it wouldn’t be mystery lunch, WOULD IT? It’s definitely more than just Matthew’s plot to get Molly to clean out his fridge. Dear God, what is that–could it be? An entire…? Recipe: Yaki Udon. www.spilledmilkpodcast.com

4 thoughts on “Episode 14: Mystery Lunch

  1. Kirsten Spear

    You mentioned the Hangtown fry in this episode. I happen to be from the old Hangtown in question (now called Placerville, in Northern California), and I have never eaten it. I seem to remember that it involves a hash with oysters. All of the old restaurants still have it on the menu. Evidently it was created during the gold rush when a miner struck it rich one day, then went into town for the most expensive thing he could possibly eat.

  2. Anna

    I listened and mentally noted your comments on measuring carefully rather than oversaucing. And yet I still refrained from measuring and… Oversauced. *sigh*
    I loved this post :)

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