Live, live, live

Our first ever live taping is coming up, and you can be in the audience absolutely free. (Though if you want to brush-pass us a wad of 20s, we’ll play along.)

*When:* July 29, 2010, 5:30pm
*Where:* Queen Anne Farmers Market, W Crockett & Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle
*Why:* Because you can watch us make total fools of ourselves in public.

Our comedy is certified organic, although some of our jokes should really be destroyed by unnatural means.

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2 thoughts on “Live, live, live

  1. Laura Garcia

    Just a quick note to say a love the show and listen to it religiously way out here on the east coast. One thing I find kind of hilarious is that since I subscribe to your podcast through iTunes, several of your shows that happen to have the f-bomb in them (like Peas) have a little red ‘Explicit’ marker beside them. As if Spilled Milk is some kind of XXX rated food porn! Hey maybe you should consider that for a show theme if you’re getting the label anyway (I’m kidding). Keep up the great shows, wish I could come to the live taping but plane fare is a big prohibitive.

    1. mamster Post author

      Thanks, Laura. We apply the Explicit label ourselves when necessary. I personally have so many Explicit labels applied to myself that I look like a clearance item at the Gap.

      I feel certain that there will be a totally filthy episode at some point in the future.

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