Episode 22: Chiles

Put on your pepper pants, people, because we’re frying, pickling, and enchiladafying chiles today. We’re crazy for medium-sized, medium-hot chiles (padrons, shishitos, anaheims, poblanos, and their cousins), and we’re going to drive you crazy, too, with a little help from Bryan Adams. Recipes: Pan-Fried Peppers, Pickled Peppers, and Folded Enchiladas. www.spilledmilkpodcast.com

4 thoughts on “Episode 22: Chiles

  1. Amy

    The secret part of the show always makes me giggle. (This can be awkward when I’m listening while walking home from work and people see me laughing at apparently nothing.) Keep it up!

    Also, have you considered doing an episode on quiche? I get some great quiche from the food window of a French restaurant every week at the local farmers’ market, but I can’t seem to make a really good one myself.

  2. HPD

    Excellent show! Y’all need to come visit the Mountain Time Zone … the guy at the farmer’s market down the street can show you a dozen different peppers that all look exactly the same to me. I can’t tell a Big Jim from a Dynamite from an Anaheim …

  3. Laura L

    Now I need to find shisitos! Great podcast but you do need to do another on chiles because you didn’t mention the best chile of all, the almighty Hatch! Substituted Hatch for the Anaheim in the enchilada recipe and now you’re talkin’.

  4. Franck

    I haven’t been hooked this easily by a podcast since discovering “Stuff you should know” a couple of years back. I have been faithfully listening since Episode 5, the balance of good food info, hysterical comeback and perfect time span has kept me listening (longer episodes wouldn’t be overkill). You guys are really hitting your groove lately, keep up the good work.

    Molly thank you for the Radiolab recommendations on your blog, I’m hooked.

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