Monthly Archives: November 2010

Episode 26: Soda

Nothing takes us back to the sick days of our youth like lemon-lime soda. Lying in bed, listening to the Walkman, hoping you won’t need the strategically-placed bucket: we are taking you back in time with an all-star lineup of 7-Up, Sprite, Bubble Up, and more. Urp.

Episode 25: Puffy Snacks

Yes, it’s another junk food bender as we eat our way through several bags of puffy snacks–Cheetos, Funyuns, and their kin–in front of a live audience. Along the crunchy way, we answer important questions, like “how do they puff these things?” and “what would happen if Cheetos went to India?” (Answer: Funjabi!) Recorded at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington, on October 22, 2010.