Episode 26: Soda

Nothing takes us back to the sick days of our youth like lemon-lime soda. Lying in bed, listening to the Walkman, hoping you won’t need the strategically-placed bucket: we are taking you back in time with an all-star lineup of 7-Up, Sprite, Bubble Up, and more. Urp. www.spilledmilkpodcast.com

2 thoughts on “Episode 26: Soda

  1. heyjude

    Matthew has bravely asked me to comment that when he was a boy it was Ginger Ale, not 7UP that he was given when he was sick. The discussion was whether Schweppes or Canada Dry was the go to medicinal soda. This in no way invalidates the worth of this tasting.

  2. Tammy

    I totally remember the “great taste of lymon” ad campaign. So dumb, yet there it is burned into my brain.

    Anyway, you asked (rhetorically) what other disgusting beverages you might taste next and I have a suggestion. Did either of you have any experience with powdered milk as a kid? Sanalac for instance? Oh my god, the horrors. Chalky, yellowed milk powder dissolved in water by your well-meaning mother, but never FULLY dissolved so you get these curdled-looking, dryish, mealy pockets of mix floating in your not-quite-milk-like beverage. It was nightmarish. Even if you have no idea what I’m talking about, I’d still be interested in your tasting thoughts on organic v. nonorganic milk, skim milk v. whole milk v. raw milk and everything in between. You know, since milk figures into the name of your podcast!

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