Episode 28: Fudge

Oh, ==f—-!== We wanted to share delicious holiday fudge with you. Instead, we need therapy. And a crime scene cleanup crew. Paging the Byrd Brothers! Recipe: Chocolate Fudge.

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11 thoughts on “Episode 28: Fudge

    1. mamster Post author

      I have a good candy thermometer, I’m just incompetent. Can I call you and have you whisper to me soothingly that it’s okay not to be able to make fudge, and I can still grow up to be a successful person in my own way?

  1. Anna

    The description of pouring the hot fudge onto the back of a sheet pan still has be giggling….

    Have you ever had Velveeta Fudge?

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  3. Anna

    My Aunt Connie brings Velveeta Fudge over every Christmas and insists that it is delicious. It probably is, too, but I have yet to work up the courage to try it.

  4. Lydia

    I’m no fudge connoisseur (those old-timey stands in markets never appeal to me), but the five minute fudge I’ve been making for the last few years tastes pretty fine, and everyone I’ve served it to agrees. It must be the same as the one Lynn links to, but you can search “five minute fudge” too. I like it with nuts and a tart dried fruit.

  5. Cheryl in France

    I was thinking all along, “Read McGee, Read McGee.” So when you said, “Should we call Harold McGee,” I shouted, “YES, *That* is the solution!”

    Anyway, I had some of the same probs when I was making truffles this Christmas and googled (at separate times) ‘grainy truffles’ and ‘broken’ truffles (I had a solid lump surrounded by greasy liquid). Both of those were things you guys experienced. Jacques Torres to the rescue…(for the graininess, it was a matter of using an immersion blender and for the separating I had to add a couple of TBS of cold cream- the liquid kind, not the kind that takes off clown makeup).

    Oddly enough, rain can make your fudge grainy…so can cooling too fast or (and this is the one that KILLS ME when I’m trying to make carmel) stirring the syrup mixture- that one thing will gets me grainy every time…

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