Episode 31: Hot Dogs

This week we tackle everyone’s favorite fleshy meat…uh, let’s start over. This week we obsess over snappy tube steaks. No, wait. There’s no good way to say this, is there? It’s the hot dog episode. We love them and we’re not afraid to say it.

Recipe: “Melissa Clark’s Fake Baked Beans”:http://wednesdaychef.typepad.com/the_wednesday_chef/2007/02/melissa_clarks_.html

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10 thoughts on “Episode 31: Hot Dogs

  1. Steve @ HPD

    Since Molly worked for Bon Appetit, I’m sure you remember their Around the World in 80 Hot Dogs article. I’m still in love with the Indian dog with lentils.

  2. Amy

    I was so excited when I heard you mention Gladwell’s ketchup article from the New Yorker! A friend of mine teaches that article in her college writing class, and I’ve tutored her students and helped them understand it.

    I would never have thought of the amplitude of hot dogs. You two do it all.

  3. victoria

    You guys are amazing – thank you so much. We had absolute squeals of delight this morning, Ella was beyond happy. You’re so sweet to mention her – she’s listened to you not stop with the most gleeful grin on her face. She’s working on something for you both – stay tuned. thank you.

  4. Lexi

    Thanks for this one – I love hot dogs, but they dont really get much attention down here in OZ! I love the hot dogs I ate in Mexico – eaten on the street, wrapped in bacon and served with pickled jalapenos, hot sauce and mayonnaise. But they certainly weren’t snappy, and I also love that little snap!

  5. claire

    next time your in town, molly, we’ll take you to oyama on granville island and pick up some delicious dogs for a feast. nathan will be so excited to talk to you about the different types :)

  6. Annerbee

    Americana suggestion: Meatloaf!

    Also after the fudge episode, I feel like a fried chicken episode is gauranteed to be full of hilarious shenanigans.

    Also along the lines of the crunchy snacks vein:
    Frozen Pizza

    1. mamster Post author

      Great ideas, Annerbee. We have an upcoming episode that covers a food very much in the same category as frozen pizza. If we do the frozen pizza ep, we have to get Brandon on as a guest, don’t you think?

  7. emma

    There’s this place by us in Houston called Moon Tower where they serve game hotdogs (quail, venison, buffalo, rabbit, boar, elk) on pretzel buns with homemade sauces (the pepper ketchup is AMAZING) and homemade sour kraut.

    They can do no wrong. The gods truly ordained these hotdogs.


    Just thought I would share since we’re on the topic.

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