Episode 32: Spouseless Eating

You know the saying: when the spouses are away, Molly and Matthew eat soufflé. Except not really. This week, we share a piping hot Stouffer’s French Bread Pizza and swap notes on peanut butter, Hot Pockets, ice cream sandwiches, and other delicacies we enjoy when Brandon and Laurie aren’t home. Warning: includes an explicit description of a pizza bagel. Recipe: Braised Cabbage with Apples and Caraway Seeds. www.spilledmilkpodcast.com

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14 thoughts on “Episode 32: Spouseless Eating

  1. Swiss Charrd

    This one is a really fun one. I have missed a few so now I have something to listen to when I am not busy. I rememeber the egg salad thing…you hate it so much you don’t even want it around, right? So which person does Iris like eating with alone best? Oh and Molly how about the cute doggie? We have a rat terrier too, she will eat anything with anyone!

  2. LaurieA-B

    Swiss Charrd, when Matthew and Iris have dinner without me her favorite pick is crispy shrimp or something else, often Japanese food, that’s not my favorite. When it’s just the two of us, Iris and me, I usually make waffles. Molly’s recipe for Waffles of Insane Greatness, http://orangette.blogspot.com/2010/05/you-deserve-waffle.html . Iris likes both but Matthew gets points for variety. I overheard her say once that she was glad I wasn’t in charge of dinner because she would not want waffles every night.

  3. An Nguyen

    I just had to mention that I love love love Nigella Lawson, and on her cooking show Nigella Feasts, there was an episode where she cooks one-person meals for herself and everything looks absolutely scrumptious.

  4. Matt

    I loved this episode and was reminded of one of my favorite books, Deborah Madison’s and Patrick McFarlin’s What We Eat When We Eat Alone. I find an almost voyeuristic pleasure in hearing about the culinary goings on in other people’s kitchens. I find that I go through cycles of culinary monogamy, sometimes faithfully indulging in dinners of spaghetti and anchovies, other times having a steady fling with my current favorite, Nigella Lawson’s saffron infused seafood stew. Whatever it is I’m eating on the nights I’m alone, it has to be quick and easily thrown together from what I have on hand.

    I’ve read and enjoyed both of your books and am enjoying your podcasts. The two of you have great “radio” voices and make me laugh every time I listen!

  5. steve

    This is really frightening to think admit. My wife has a few very serious food allergies including potato. It is bad enough that potato cooking in the house can trigger a reaction so my potato love smolders quietly until she is traveling. Then I invite people over for potato binges were every dish has some form of potato. Once there was a “quest for potatoes” driving through Central New Jersey looking for the best and greasiest potato concoctions. After one of these binges I’m happy to be potato free for a few months.

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  7. Amy

    Another episode idea that’s sort of in the same vein as spouseless eating: sick days, or the foods you eat/only eat when you’re sick. I know I don’t buy Kraft macaroni and cheese at any other time. Might be a fun thematic exploration.

  8. andrea

    how timely! my partner is away for 10 days so i’ve been digging into my spouseless food. he’s allergic to cow milk so when he’s gone, i buy all sorts of cow cheese! i also eat a lot of ramen, sour gummy candy, and i’ve been known to dabble in a little “peanut butter on a spoon” action as well, molly!

    when i’m away, i know my man goes to town. i’m vegetarian and we typically eat about 99% veg. when i get back from being away, however, i always find empty packaging for burger meat, sausages, and strange meaty things like “deer carpaccio” .

    loved this episode. i’m feeling tempted to go explore the frozen aisle at my grocery now…

  9. Eva

    Oh my god, I laughed out loud listening to this podcast (although admittedly mostly to the dick-in-box reference, which I haven´t thought about in far too long). Mainly though, I´ve been using recipes from Molly´s blog for quite awhile but have never had the urge to comment (how ungrateful, I know), but this episode totally reminded me of myself, eating half a jar of dulce de leche and a pan full of sauteed chard for dinner when my boyfriend was away for months last summer. I don´t care about carbs very much if I´m cooking for myself, but I´ve never been able to articulate this very well to other people who find it strange and begin to worry about my health. So thanks for the corroboration (I´m not sure of what, exactly, but it made me feel better), and I´ve been really enjoying the podcasts!

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  11. Colleen

    You guys are soooo funny. I can’t help but laugh along with Matthew every time he goes into hysterics over silly things. My favorite Matthew moment in “Spouseless Eating” was after Molly made a reference to the hot ooze coming out the hole of the bagel. Keep it silly! Love the podcast! Ooooh, and Molly, I can’t wait to make your braised cabbage for St Patty’s Day!

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