3 thoughts on “Ramen we tasted in Episode 34

  1. Heather

    I found Myojo Chukazanmai in the freezer at my teeny local Japanese market! I brought home Oriental and Soy Sauce flavors and am eating the Soy Sauce now – hits the spot. Will have to return for Soybean Paste. Thanks guys!

  2. Dey

    OMG my boyfriend and I eat Ramen 2-3 times a month either out or at home.I find that the best way to make it is by boiling water, putting your noodles in your bowl (we have a cool ramen bowel with a lid)and then pouring the water into it then quickly add your other ingredients like seaweed, boiled eggs, ham, dried mushrooms, tofu, soup flavor stuff and then cover the soup. In 3 min or less you’ll have a great ramen soup waiting for you with perfectly cooked noodles.

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