Episode 35: Scary Food II

Like a zombie rising from your natto bowl, it’s Scary Food II, and this time, thanks to listener calls, it’s personal. Claire is afraid of lasagna. Jenna had an encounter with an unspeakable Finnish dessert. And Iris loves sukiyaki, except when…well, tune in. www.spilledmilkpodcast.com

11 thoughts on “Episode 35: Scary Food II

  1. Chelsea

    I totally agree with Claire! Lasagna is HORRIBLE. The ricotta cheese, the spinach… not to mention the fact that I don’t eat red meat, and it’s almost always made with beef. The only way I like lasagna is when it’s just the plain noodles and they haven’t been cooked yet. I’m so glad somebody hates lasagna like I do.

  2. riye

    OMG! I just looked at the dessert Jenna was talking about and Wikipedia mentions that it has “laxative properties… associated with purging and purification”. I had no idea that was the kind of stuff you were supposed to be doing during Lent. That is worse than natto.

  3. Nattigan

    While I don’t agree that lasagna is scary in its congealed glory, I have to agree with the decision to include Claire on the podcast. She was definitely the best part of the show…eh hem, except of course Matthew and Molly!

  4. caitylindy

    Claire is basically the best thing ever. She should be a regular contributor. I love lasagna, but she makes me almost hate it.

  5. SSteve

    My scary food is shredded coconut. Brian, my best friend since junior high shares my revulsion. When we were kids he and his cousin were grossing each other out talking about shredded coconut. When his cousin told him to imagine rolling around in it, Brian threw up.

    How about an episode where people talk about horrible meals they’ve had? I’d love to tell you about the salt cod my boss’ girlfriend made us when I lived in Norway.

  6. vanessa

    I really shouldn’t have been eating my lunch while listening to this episode. oh dear…

    Iris needs her own podcast, just sayin’.

  7. Lori

    Awesome episode! I could tell immediately Iris is Matthew’s daughter…they have the same voice!

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