8 thoughts on “Inside the podcaster’s studio

  1. Deb Arnhold

    Congrats! Quite wonderful to see you two visually. I love love love your podcast and the hysterical laughter.

  2. jenna

    oh lordy, i’m jumping out of my trousers in excitement for the butter episode. can’t wait.

  3. Cheryl in France

    I would love to see/hear a ‘how did Spilled Milk come to be’ podcast. What’s the history, how’d you two meet, how’d you get the idea for this podcast and all sorts of stuff like that- the chemistry is so good, I have to know how it happened!). I have maybe 4 podcasts that I actively check for EVERY SINGLE WEEK, and you guys are always right up there. I get *really* excited when it’s a long one (that’s what she said). Keep it up!!

  4. Cheryl in France

    forgot to ask- what’s the name of the march that plays as your intro music? I heard it on a different podcast the other day and I was like, “HEY! That’s the spilled milk march!”

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