Episode 38: Crusty Corners

We’re reporting live from Crusty Corners, the magical land where crusty, cheesy, bubbly goodness reigns. This was supposed to be a show about macaroni and cheese, but everything went horribly off the rails and devolved into Matthew’s makeup tips and Molly’s robotic endoskeleton. Recipe: Pasta with Asparagus in a Lemon Cream Sauce. EXPLICIT LANGUAGE. www.spilledmilkpodcast.com

14 thoughts on “Episode 38: Crusty Corners

  1. riye

    I’m with you guys–I don’t like mac and cheese. Even the homemade kind. But then, horrors of horrors, I don’t much care for sashimi either. And in my hometown that’s practically unheard of. Someday I may be asked to turn in my good Japanese-American girl card–the one with the big Hello Kitty on it–because how can I be Japanese and not like raw fish??? I’ve had really good sashimi too but I’m still just “eh” about it.

  2. emma

    so i’m inclined to let you know about the fried mac and cheese from a Reef in Houston. It was named #1 Seafood Restaurant in the U.S. by Bon Appetit in 2008 and I’m convinced that it’s solely due this mac that is somehow completely encased in crispy corners. It’s crispy corner heaven. If you ever find yourself in Houston, do give it a try. I think it might change your mind.

  3. Jax

    I had to make mac ‘n’ cheese like 10x before I got to a product I liked. I make a cheese sauce (1:1 flour to fat, scant c. cxn stock, 1 c. cheese) buuuuuut then I double the cheese. And you HAVE to use sharp cheddar. And the pasta has to be really well salted in order for the whole dish to taste like something. I make it with gemelli or penne….and I tend to add cauliflower/broccoli or shrimp even. Lots of garlicky, buttery panko bread crumbs on top and into the oven. Of course, I do realize that if you don’t like it, you don’t like it.

  4. jenna

    i like mac and cheese. my mom fed it to me as a kid, and i still like even the box kind. maybe that’s a little embarrassing to admit. aside from hating mämmi, (oh, speaking of mämmi! i read on twitter that you two had it?!) i can’t stand tacos, or really anything “authentic mexican.” i know everyone likes it, so i always feel bad about not liking it.

  5. Jess

    On the subject of foods I hate but most people love I can’t stand fish, seafood or sushi. I think it’s mostly a texture thing and not liking the way raw fish smells.

  6. The Knitting Archaeologist

    I thought you both were hilarious this episode. I love it when you break down into howling laughter and near snorts :) I adore mac n’ cheese, but it definitely prevents lip gloss applications for awhile after eating it. As far as foods everyone likes that I don’t – sushi. I’m allergic to all seafood (except canned tuna), but the smell of it even turns my stomach.

  7. SSteve

    Two things I don’t like that make people think I’m evil: carrot cake and pecan pie. I feel strongly that carrots don’t belong in cake and pecans don’t belong in pie. It’s just who I am. Luckily, my wife loves me anyway.

    I’ll try the baked pasta recipe, but 2 1/2 cups of heavy cream!? I might have to at least dilute that with some half-and-half.

    I love Annie’s boxed mac and cheese when I need a quick, lazy lunch.

  8. SSteve

    “I have never liked whipped cream,it adds nothing to a dish!”

    Are you high? It adds fat and sugar, two of the four basic food groups. The other two being caffeine and alcohol. That’s why the Irish Coffee is the perfect food.

  9. Caroline

    I don’t like Mac and Cheese either, but my girlfriend does. Recently, on a whim, I made a cheese sauce (Julia Child’s veloute recipe with sharp chedder and a ton of parmesean stirred in) and mixed it with brown rice pasta spirals and an equivalent volume of blanched broccoli florets. The chewy brown rice pasta and the broccoli keeps the texture interesting and the parmesean gives it a nice cheesy flavor without making it heavy. I don’t know if it qualifies as mac and cheese but it’s pretty close and I actually enjoy it.

  10. Jen/YVR

    I was somehow expecting you to say ‘TM’ every time you said crusty corners. Like, it was Crusty Corners(TM).

    Also, this may not be gourmet, but I would suggest making baked mac & cheese with Velveeta, topped with bread cubes fried in butter till just slightly golden. I know, I know, Velveeta is a curse word in many homes, but I swear to god it makes the best mac & cheese – and no cheese grease.

    Perhaps you could also bake it in one of those specialty brownie pans that ensures that all pieces have Chewy Edges(TM) – then every serving of your mac & cheese would have cheesy centers surrounded by Crusty Corners(TM).

  11. Cat

    I like mac and cheese, but when I make it, it’s just noodles, cream and cheese, can’t really go wrong there.
    I like the annie’s mac and cheese too, but with yoghurt instead of milk and lots of dill and pepper.
    Never liked baked mac and cheese though, I think it’s because people tend to add egg and then you get a kind of broken custard texture.

  12. Carlos R.

    OF all your episodes, this has been the first one to leave me with that old WTF-was-all-that-about?! aftertaste. At the same time, I hardly ever have laughed so hard while listening to a podcast! Even when you stop making sense, you just can’t help being hilarious and entertaining. Kuddos from your Venezuelan fan (and fellow mac n’ cheese hater) :D

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