Episode 41: Junk Food II

Severed hands, five dirty napkins, and a roll of Hob Nobs. That’s what it’s come to. We’re talking junk food again, and this time, the focus is on England, Australia, and some of their finest delicacies: Mega Monster Munch, Tim Tams, Aero Mint, Cherry Ripe, Picnic, and, yes, Hob Nobs. With special thanks to Nichola and Ella, listeners who sent the care packages that inspired today’s episode and gave us yet another excuse for eating dessert for lunch. www.spilledmilkpodcast.com

22 thoughts on “Episode 41: Junk Food II

  1. AussieTimTamExpert

    The Australian way is to bite off opposite corners of a Tim Tam, and drink HOT COFFEE through the biscuit… I’ve never heard of anyone using cold milk!

    Definitely worth a take two!

  2. AussieTimTamExpert

    Google ‘Tim Tam Slam’

    We breed ‘em tough here in Oz!

    …I hope you have a Tim Tam spare to try it. :-)

  3. Jill

    I don’t think it’s an official taste test unless you’ve tried the chocolate out of the freezer as well. That’s the only way I’ve ever had the cherry ripes and they may be less flesh like and cough syrupy that way. You made we want a Picnic bar though…

  4. Matt

    You guys should read Nigel Slater’s Eating for England which has his brief reminiscences about classic British sweets and savory dishes. My local market has a section that sells British imports: Marmite, HP sauce, and the perfectly named Spotted Dick. (The teenaged boy in me gets no end of pleasure in that last one. I can picture myself phoning the store manager and asking him if he has Spotted Dick.)

  5. Catherine

    You two doing the tim tam slam was hilarious! I’ve never actually tried to do it but when I was last in Australia I pretty much lived off double coated timtams. We have a similar biscuit in the UK called a penguin bar which isn’t as good (the biscuit-y part is more cardbordy) but can also be used to drink through. Picnic bars are also a UK thing except ours have raisins in as well. Another great UK/Aus thing is Cadbury Boost bars, the description on wiki: “consists of nougat, biscuit and caramel filling and chocolate covering.”

    And as for hobnobs? Yum! One of the best types of biscuit in the world. My favourite is the milk chocolate hobnob (though I haven’t yet tried the cream filled ones). McVities chocolate digestives are also pretty good, as are their gingernut biscuits. Actually, I think Spilled Milk needs to come over to the UK and do a full McVities taste test!

  6. Amanda

    So was it this episode wherein you discussed Cool(er) Ranch Doritos? (I’m a new listener and catching up on all the back episodes, so forgive me for not remembering which one I mean.) Anyway, I was in the store last night and thought of you guys: you can buy Hidden Valley Ranch mix by the jar! (Example here.) I’m not gonna lie….I was licking my finger and eating straight ouf of the jar, as if it were FunDip.

  7. Ben

    Hobnobs are the best biscuit in the world (a fact), but the choco-cream sandwich version is nothing compared to the regular chocolate-covered version. Both milk and dark chocolate are amazing. They also have considerable structural integrity, and are best when dipped in tea. Mmmmmmmm.

  8. Abs

    I nearly died laughing at the sounds of you enjoying those Hobnobs! They are ace biscuits. And I loved your Picnic theory too.

    Monster Munch (we never call them Mega Monster Munch) caused a massive outcry a few years ago when they reduced their size, and I wouldn’t be surprised if sales slumped, hence the nostalgic return to enormo-size. Part of the charm and joy of them was their unwieldy size, and biting off big chunks. You can also get them in other flavours – roast beef and flamin’ hot.

    Despite being a big fan I have never noticed that they are hand-shaped before. I don’t know how that passed me by. My boyfriend tells me that before they made them small then big again there used to be three different shapes – a foot, a hand, and “something that I could never work out what it was”. Which is worrying.

    1. mamster Post author

      That explains a lot, Abs. To you, I offer the official Monster Munch severed hand salute.

  9. Cornchops

    We eat Tim Tams like AussieTimTamExpert describes, except we suck hot chocolate through them. The difficulty with hot liquid is that it melts the Tim Tam and it will fall in if you’re not focused. It definitely has a “Wait, are we all lined up to do some drugs here?” feel to it. Yes, it is dangerous.

    And it’s pretty incredible.

  10. Lauren

    the reason pickled onion monster munch are old is because they stopped making them for ages, which is never good for the people (me) who have to rein themselves in when they are around, and they bought them back with the old packaging from the 90′s. I don’t know a british child brought up in the 90′s who doesn’t love them.

  11. T. Crockett

    I think this was your funniest show ever. I listened on my way to the store, and had to get a chocolate junk food hit for the way home.

    Have you ever tried drinking Coke using a cherry Twizler as your straw?

  12. Laura

    Tim Tam Slams are also really good with hot chocolate…not SUPER hot, but it makes the Tim Tam melt in your mouth. Divine.

  13. Allison

    I agree with Laura — you’ve got to do the Tim Tam Slam/Explosion with waaaarrrm liquid — then stuff the whole thing in your mouth. It gets all molten inside. Can’t resist.

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