Monthly Archives: August 2011

Episode 45: Frozen Treats on a Stick

It’s hot, hot, hot, and we’ve got a freezer full of fun. We’re talking Creamsicles, Fudgsicles, Push-ups, and more. If it’s not on a stick, it’s not on our agenda. Explicit content.

Episode 44: Seaweed

Sure, nori and kombu are loaded with nutrients and umami, but are they funny? We can try. While splashing around in the ocean of seaweed humor, we learn how to shop for savory seaweed products, including tsukudani, Korean salted laver, and furikake. That’s a funny word, right?

Seaweed for sale (notes on Episode 44)

Here are the seaweed products we tried during Episode 44. Check your local Asian grocery or natural foods store before buying online, because shipping is expensive and you should support your local hippies.

Japanese nori: Yamamotoyama Roasted Seaweed for Sushi

Korean salted laver: Sea’s Gift Korean Seaweed Snack

Nori tsukudani: JFC Ajishima

Kombu: Eden Kombu

Kombu tsukudani: Simanoca Genki Goma Tsukudani (the commercial product is tasty but loaded with weird ingredients; consider making your own)

Furikake: JFC – Seto Fumi Furikake