Episode 45: Frozen Treats on a Stick

It’s hot, hot, hot, and we’ve got a freezer full of fun. We’re talking Creamsicles, Fudgsicles, Push-ups, and more. If it’s not on a stick, it’s not on our agenda. Explicit content. www.spilledmilkpodcast.com

6 thoughts on “Episode 45: Frozen Treats on a Stick

  1. Sam

    Once again, hitting pause so I could compose myself in between laughing fits (think Anderson Cooper’s latest on-air giggle attack). But back to frozen treats on a stick, amazing show as always and no, you guys are not the only adults that have more trouble than they’d like to admit with push ups. Also, within minutes after listening to this episode, an ice cream truck, which hasn’t been by all summer, rolled on by. fate!

    p.s. Yesterday I had jury duty and as sacramento is brutally hot in August, a big stick popsicle was in order during an allotted break. Fast forward and I was not selected to be on a jury–it may or may not have been related to my orange red (think crayon colors) lips, which I only became aware of once home. You guys and your show is amazing, keep it up!!!

  2. Chris

    Our family used to make our own pudding pops. You can too (see recipe below), but the homemade kind are gummy on the side where the gelatin settled. Also, the stick goes diagonally through the pop instead of being centered, since the tape you use to make it stand up straight while the pop solidifies will inevitably fail in the freezer.

    No mortal home kitchen could ever recreate fudgesicles, which as you say are the only childhood treat that still tastes good as an adult.


  3. Jennifer

    Another great show! You always keep us laughing. For me, it was the Big Stick..it had such a great texture. And, yes, like Sam, they dyed your mouth a bright red orange.
    Okay, probably shouldn’t mention this, but when our kids were little they liked these Flintstone’s push ups that were bright blue and ,well, let’s just say…blue poop.

  4. Jennifer

    OK so I’m late catching up here but I want to join the Bring Back Jello Pudding Pops Crusade!! Where do I sign? I just do not understand how such a fabulous product can be discontinued. A true travesty.

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