Episode 49: Peanut Butter

Welcome to the Adventures of Jif Skippy, the No-Stir Kid. We’re dipping our butter knives into so many peanut butter jars, we’re not sure our jaws will ever unstick. www.spilledmilkpodcast.com

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15 thoughts on “Episode 49: Peanut Butter

  1. jenna

    I’m living in Turkey right now, the land of nutella and NO PEANUT BUTTER. This is sending me into fits. Actual physical pangs of peanut butter longing.

  2. Danielle

    This doesn’t have anything to do with this episode, but I just wanted to say that after listening to the first 4 1/2 episodes, I think this is my new favorite podcast. I just finished ready Molly’s book & & started readying her blog and I have to say, I’m hooked. She’s terrific!! And her and Matthew together are wonderful! I’m so glad that someone suggested Molly’s book for bookclub because otherwise I would be missing out. Thank you!!

  3. Kimberlyn

    I just started listening to the podcast and love it! I have been a reader of Orangette for a few years and I also am halfway through Molly’s book. Gave a copy to my mom and a friend for Christmas and they both loved it. But anyway, I digress. I’m really here to tell you that I nominate Goober Grape for the best engineered food product! And Matthew, I have seen it with strawberry jelly (do they call it Goober Strawberry, then?), so keep looking for it. It’s pretty scary when you think about too much, so I don’t. Goober Grape on a toasted frozen waffle makes a great snack. Try it!

  4. Jess Krogh

    I recently stumbled upon your podcast by accident. I found myself trying to explain to my five year old cousin to literally not cry over the glass of milk he just spilled all over the kitchen table. After cleaning up the mess together, he asked me why he shouldn’t cry over spilled milk and that’s when we looked it up and I found your podcast. The funny thing is that I was at Molly and Brandon’s wedding, working of course. I think it might have been one of my first weddings that I ever worked with Ciao Thyme catering. I went on work for them for another 7 years and learned more about Molly through Ciao Thyme, books and magazine articles found throughout the office. It actually took me listening to a few podcasts to remember where I knew Molly’s name from since I haven’t worked for Ciao Thyme for over a year now. I managed to listen to all of your podcasts in a matter of about a week. I appreciate that you talk about main stream food and childhood favorites. I often find myself laughing at you both because you sometimes remind me of a funnier version of Delicious Dish from SNL. Thanks for the entertainment and I look forward to more podcasts.

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  6. toph

    To make an easy job of stirring natural PB, try a Witmer Company peanut butter mixer. This has become one of my most used kitchen gadgets (with two small children, we go through a lot of PB in our house). Stir one time and you are good for the entire jar.

  7. Bryan

    Hi guys,
    Peter Pan? Jif? Skippy?
    wow, holy hydrogenated oil!
    nostalgia notwithstanding, i cant believe more people don’t just make it themselves.

    oven-roast raw peanuts– not the dry-roasted kind– in a low oven to get the color you want.
    throw in a food processor with ¾t sea salt (reserve one fourth of the nuts to add later if you want a non-creamy spread).
    let er rip and let the machine do the work for you.
    the oils will slowly release and make everything move the right way.
    you can add any nut oil 1t at a time, though you wont need more than 1-2t.
    the oil barely separates from the final product.
    you can add pine nuts, or spices like coriander and cayenne to flavor as you like.

    this quantity takes only a few minutes and fills a pint Ball jar almost perfectly.
    any excess goes directly onto a piece of bread, or a marshmallow, or my finger.

    eat it up, yum!


  8. Izzy

    @Jenna – you can get peanut butter in Turkey (I used to live there and bought it in regular supermarkets).

  9. Elena

    I highly recommend trader joe’s creamy organic peanut butter. It is natural peanut butter, but there is very little oil that separates out and it is easily mixed back in. The peanut butter has an amazing peanutty taste and smell, and it has a great smooth, creamy, thick texture. Basically, it has all of the great things you see in a jif ad, but none of the bad ingredients.

  10. riye

    Ever since this podcast aired I’ve been eating peanut butter with pretzels. So good! But all I have is reduced fat Peter Pan! Not recommended–tastes like PB frosting, not peanutty enough. But hey, its a brand new jar and I was raised not to waste food. I’m looking forward to trying the Adams PB once this jar is gone.

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  12. Jenn

    Once you go natural, you never go back! I cannot tolerate pb with sugar now, and smuckers is the only brand.

    The saddest part of this show is that the price of pb has shot through the roof due to the drought in the South.

    Pb with Braeburn apples, pb with pretzels, and pb with dark chocolate chips. Such good food!

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