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Episode 52: Apples

Hey there, Honeycrisp. You can be our Aunt Rachel anytime. Join us as we get down to the core of our state fruit. Recipe: Whole Wheat Apple Cake.

Whole Wheat Apple Cake from The Wednesday Chef:

Episode 51: Banh Mi

Fill a French baguette with Vietnamese ingredients and you have one of the world’s great sandwiches: banh mi. Combine Molly and Matthew with a banh mi and you have a recipe for quick-pickled antics. Recipe: The Official Spilled Milk Banh Mi (with lots of help from Andrea Nguyen).

Banh Mi (Recipe from Episode 51)

Adapted from Andrea Nguyen

Please refer first to Andrea Nguyen’s Master Banh Mi Sandwich Recipe. The only thing we’ve done differently is substitute nuoc cham for the Maggi/soy sauce.

1 Vietnamese baguette, supermarket demi-baguette, or 7-inch length of light, not-too-chewy baguette
Flavorful meat or tofu of any kind
Nuoc cham (see Andrea Nguyen’s recipe)
Long English or Asian/Persian cucumber, cut into thin strips
1 jalapeño pepper, sliced into rings
Daikon and carrot pickle (yep, Andrea’s recipe again)
cilantro sprigs, roughly chopped

Cut a slit into the bread lengthwise and open it up like a book. Spread the bottom surface lightly with mayonnaise. Add the meat and drizzle with nuoc cham. Add vegetables to taste.

Yield: 1 serving.