Episode 55: Broccoli

Notes from a broccoli bender: Cruciferous, by Calvin Klein. Dinosaur Trees. The case of Florets v. Stalks. Recipe: Roasted Broccoli and Shrimp. Note: Mildly NSFW. www.spilledmilkpodcast.com

Clark’s Roasted Broccoli and Shrimp
, via The Wednesday Chef:


7 thoughts on “Episode 55: Broccoli

  1. c

    Maybe they’re dinosaur trees because you’re pretending to be a big dinosaur eating them?

    BTW you should try Yottam Ottelenghi’s broccoli sesame salad, if you haven’t already. It’s divine! The broccoli slaw from Smitten Kitchen is a winner too; it involves a homemade ranch dressing so it’s right up Molly’s alley.

  2. Carol Penn-Romine

    The Christmas Eve tradition at my in-laws’ house is Welch Rarebit with steamed broccoli, which is the only health concession to essentially lapping up melted cheese like starving dogs. Don’t get me wrong…I’m NOT complaining!

  3. Chris

    We had broccoli tonight! I steamed both the tops and the stalks (some that were not peeled). They were the veggie for braised/fried bratwurst and Hot German potato salad. We often eat it plain, or sometimes tossed with soy sauce and sesame seeds.

    I have never broiled broccoli, but I will try that in the future.

    Raw broccoli is good dipped into cheese fondue (made with nice emmentaler or gruyere cheese melted into white wine, thickened with cornstarch with cherry brandy, plus nutmeg, paprika, and white pepper). Much better than a cheese soup.

    Broccoli is about the only cruciferous vegetable that our kids will eat (though one does like spinach). I never bought baby food, I used one of my three food processors (different sizes!). So I introduced my oldest to lots of veggies. The only pureed veggie my first born was literally repelled from was broccoli. BUT… all was not lost! The next time I mixed it with pureed pears and he loved it. So I now often mix pears (from my tree) in with broccoli and Brussels sprouts (and in roasted root veggies).

    (I have a four-in-one pear tree with Comice, Orcas, Bosc and red Bartlett. I had a wonderful crop this year, with very little rot even into January (they were picked in October). I believe the only way to get a beautifully sweet buttery well ripened pear is to grow your own. I never liked pears much until I got my own tree.)

  4. Jennifer

    Yum, definitely making this tonight. but what about the broccoli soup and crack cream recipe? Sounds so yummy, too, though you almost lost me with the “ointment”!

  5. AnnP

    Can’t remember exactly how this podcast led me to the recipe for Super Simple Broccoli on the Stonesoup blog but I’m so glad it did. The first time I tried it, I stood at the stove eating the broccoli out of the pan like candy; it’s that good. Yes, it looks almost burnt but the flavor is incredible. I have since tried it with asparagus and a mix of chopped zukes, carrots and celery. Love it!

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