Episode 56: Hard Candy

If it comes in a wrapper and destroys fillings with extreme prejudice, we’re putting it in our mouths this week. We’ve raided the supermarket bulk candy section for butterscotch disks, Milk Maid caramels, and other childhood favorites. Have they aged any better than we have? And if we love Werther’s Originals, how old does that make us? Rated PG: One bad word, lots of kidnapping jokes. www.spilledmilkpodcast.com

12 thoughts on “Episode 56: Hard Candy

  1. Sarah

    Number 1: I think kids will especially love the bit from 1:44-1:46. Or, I’m deaf.
    Number 2: I accidentally typed in spilledmilk.com and thought you guys were making some awesome, cultural underground joke.
    Number 3: It’s not exactly new news, but have you read Nigel Slater’s Toast? This bit on hard candies reminds me of his description of all the candies he ate growing up.

  2. chris

    Hey, how legally and socially acceptable is “sampling” out of bulk food bins? Once in the Fremont PCC bulk food section, I saw a woman telling a small child “Like I told you, if you’re good you can have ONE THING. What ONE THING do you want?” The smart kid bypassed the single gluten-free M&M or lone vegan gummi bear and went for volume, walking away eating an unpaid-for carob peanut cluster. But this was serious indoctrination into the “sampling is okay” camp, right? (So how did Molly end up in the “sampling is not okay” camp?)

  3. riye

    This episode made me think of Roald Dahl’s book “Boy” where they decide to put a dead mouse in the candy jar. :-D

  4. Matt

    I was listening to Martha Stewart radio and realized that I had a weird disorder known as misophonia. The sound of people chewing or, in Molly’s case clicking a root beer barrel against her teeth, makes me crazy. I work with two colleagues, one of whom at meetings will chew gum with her mouth open so that you can hear the saliva squishing with the gum, and another who insists on bringing an apple to bite, horselike, at every meeting. It makes me want to jump out of my skin. Fortunately, while listening to this podcast, I could turn the volume down when the teeth clicking and slurping started. It’s clear to see I need help.

  5. Kimberlyn

    In addition to the Jolly Ranchers, I think you should sample Brach’s peppermint disks and Lifesavers Pep-o-mints. Also, various flavors of Lifesavers would be good!

  6. Liz

    After listening to this episode I had to actually go out and buy a bag of Werther’s Originals. I hadn’t eaten one in ages, but just hearing you guys talking about them gave me some major cravings!

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  8. Steph

    “I feel like if it were good, it would taste good.” That’s my favorite line from all of these podcasts. Thanks for keeping me laughing at work today, you two!

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