Monthly Archives: March 2012

Episode 61: Utensils

Forget the sexy, expensive stuff like knives and skillets. We’re debating the best spatulas, peelers, and spoons. With one saucepan thrown in just because we like to break the rules. For links to our recommended utensils, see

Matthew likes:

“Calphalon spatula”:

“Exoglass spoon”:

“Green colander”:

Molly likes:

“Kyocera ceramic Y-peeler”:

“Kuhn Rikon cheap-o peeler”:

“Reiss 0.5-liter enamel saucepan”:

“Wooden spatula”:

Episode 60: Steak

Do you fantasize about flanks and skirts and pan sauces mounted with butter? That makes three of us. This week on Spilled Milk, we’re making our dreams come true in broad daylight, at lunchtime, as we cook and share tips for two of our favorite steaks: the skirt and the ribeye (sorry, flank lovers; we only have so much stamina). Back by popular demand: on-mic chewing!

J. Kenji Lopez-Alt’s oven-to-stove steak method:

Episode 59: Pancakes

Molly and Matthew are trapped in the kitchen cooking pancakes while you’ve already started eating breakfast. Join us for another syrup-drenched episode; just don’t call us Short Stack. Recipes: Buttermilk pancakes; cornmeal pancakes.

Cook’s Illustrated Buttermilk pancakes

For Matthew’s cornmeal pancakes, follow the recipe for buttermilk pancakes but replace about half the flour with stone-ground cornmeal such as Arrowhead Mills.