Episode 59: Pancakes

Molly and Matthew are trapped in the kitchen cooking pancakes while you’ve already started eating breakfast. Join us for another syrup-drenched episode; just don’t call us Short Stack. Recipes: Buttermilk pancakes; cornmeal pancakes. www.spilledmilkpodcast.com

Cook’s Illustrated Buttermilk pancakes

For Matthew’s cornmeal pancakes, follow the recipe for buttermilk pancakes but replace about half the flour with stone-ground cornmeal such as Arrowhead Mills.

11 thoughts on “Episode 59: Pancakes

  1. Anne

    Great show but I want to put in a vote to bring back the eating-on-air featured in earlier shows. Maybe some people are grossed out by the sounds but it really seems to lead to more entertaining commentary and random exclamations and it just feels more like a show about food. You guys love food and I love listening to you loving food, chewing/smacking/slurping sounds and all. Keep up the good work.

    1. mamster Post author

      Thanks for the suggestion, Anne. We haven’t abandoned the practice, by any means. I’m sure slurping and chomping will feature in an upcoming episode.

  2. Chris

    When we were in Amsterdam we bought the special pan to make poffertjes, the round Dutch yeast pancakes:

    What I use to flip them is either a fondue fork or chop sticks. To make them even more evil I put a wee bit of butter in the pan depressions before adding the batter (using a disposable pastry bag).

    If you go up to Lynden, there is a bakery that makes them on a large pan outside:

  3. Andi

    Sourdough pancakes! I’m surprised to hear that the sourdough pancakes you tried were thin and soggy. I have a sourdough starter that I use almost exclusively for pancakes. They turn out thick and hearty enough to pop in the toaster the next day. And they are fantastic with either syrup or a tart jam or compote on top.

  4. Marin

    Dear M & M, I LOVE Your show thank you for making my favorite podcast! I was thinking, that you should do a show on tv dinners {aka lunchables}, as well as frozen pizzas stouffers, Digornio etc. Also, while I am watching TV I always see paper towel commercials they drive me crazy because every ad says that theirs cleans the best. I thought you should do a tests on the best brand of paper towel. Thanks again for all of the wonderful food advice!

  5. Emily C.

    I have listened to every Spilled Milk podcast in the archives and I can’t wait for the next episode. Please post a new episode soon!

    1. mamster Post author

      Hey, Emily, we come out every other Thursday. That means we’ll see you the day after tomorrow!

  6. riye

    I was listening again to this episode and thought, wow, I bet you could make some kimchee pancakes and sit them on Matthew’s garlic/onion cutting board to enhance their savory taste. :-)

  7. jen

    and flapjacks in the UK are a whole other animal entirely, which always made me wonder why pancakes were often referred to as flapjacks in the states. oat pancakes? I’ve yet to find a flapjack i like, but then elevenses is best as an elaborate meal of savory treats local to the region than those odd little bars…

  8. jen

    I just did a bit of digging via wikipedia; In the U.S. eleveneses is referred to as the “antiquated custom of the late-morning whiskey break”. that’s hilarious.

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