Episode 65: Sour Candy

This episode is dedicated to those among you who, like us, spent your youth sucking on Sour Patch Kids until your tongue was raw and bleeding. We’ll see you in the drugstore parking lot, and don’t forget the sour watermelon slices. EXPLICIT. www.spilledmilkpodcast.com

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9 thoughts on “Episode 65: Sour Candy

  1. Ryan

    Thanks for taking me right back to middle school and braving the citric acid. My mouth is empatheticly raw for you two.

    “my glands are squirting”, possibly the funniest episode yet!

  2. riye

    At the public middle school I went to we had Super Lemon, which was a Japanese lemon drop hard candy with a bordering on bitter coating of sour powdery stuff. We also had li hing mui, which is a super sour Chinese preserved plum. When we went to the store to buy li hing mui the glands in our necks would constrict when we walked into the store and smelled the sweet-sour, anise smell of all the preserved fruits. So good. :-)

  3. Danielle

    Molly, would that be Candyopolis in Penn Square? This was one of the funniest episodes yet, but I miss your recipes for real food.

    1. mamster Post author

      Don’t worry, Danielle–we have some real food episodes coming up soon. Next episode, in fact.

  4. SSteve

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard you enjoy eating anything as much as on this episode. And I don’t think I’ve ever heard you talk about hating a food (if grape juice is a food) as much as on this episode. In short, this episode was EXXXTREEEEME!!

  5. kim

    I was just about to tell you about Super Lemons when I saw that someone already did. They have them at Uwajimaya (or used to – haven’t been there in a few years). They’re the best!

  6. Annerbee

    Did either of you remember Shock Tarts? They were sour sweet tarts that had a hard candy shell but were chewy inside. So good…

  7. Cayla

    I was going to say what Annerbee said–Shock Tarts! That’s the product that came to my mind when Molly said, in the very beginning of the podcast, that she remembered eating sour candies that came in a roll like Sweet Tarts.

  8. Cayla

    *Addendum: Shock Tarts are now called SHOCKERS and are carried under the Wonka branding (which is owned by Nestle).

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