Episode 66: Spinach

It’s green. It’s leafy. It makes your teeth feel like you’ve been slimed, Ghostbusters-style. Join us as we savor an all-spinach lunch, straight from President Taft’s bathtub. www.spilledmilkpodcast.com


Fergus Henderson’s Spinach Gunge
Ohitashi from Just One Cookbook
Spinach with Sesame Sauce from Just One Cookbook

6 thoughts on “Episode 66: Spinach

  1. SSteve

    The next time you are in San Francisco, go to Westlake Joe’s in Daly City. It’s just south of Lake Merced and SF State. Get Joe’s Special for lunch. And a Manhattan–it’s that kind of place. Very old-school San Francisco. You’ll probably run into my parents there.

  2. Chris

    Our favorite way to cook spinach is the Spinach Stuffed Pizza from the “The Great Chicago-Style Pizza Cookbook” by Pasquale Bruno Jr. The cheese seems to reduce the funky teeth feel.

    Hubby likes it with some added salami slices and chopped black olive, and it seems we increased the amount of mozzarella cheese. And never, ever, really NEVER use Parmesan cheese from a can (which is what my mother-in-law did once).

    You can make smaller stuffed pizzas in a cake pan. Sometimes I would triple the recipe, using a very large bag of spinach from Costco. This allowed me to make a large stuffed pizza, three little cake pan pizzas, and had enough dough left over for the kids to make their own personal pizzas. I would freeze the smaller ones since they just fit into a gallon zip-lock bag (and were great for later, and for giving to a couple after they had a baby).

  3. Lauren

    Ever since I listened to this episode I cannot get enough spinach. I’ve been too busy this week for recipes, so for a quick fix I’ve just been putting the “grown up spinach” in a pan with olive oil until it wilts and eating it in a steamed corn tortilla with salsa. Call me lazy but it does get the job done. I’m really looking forward to cooking up your recipes for some extravagant “weekend spinach”. Thanks for your great podcast, I’m a huge fan.

  4. Sian

    I’m obsessed with spinach, so tasty. And I agree that its so-so in a salad, I thought that was just me. I need to try these recipes! I usually have spinach and goat’s cheese risotto (a Jamie Oliver recipe), or ash-e reshteh (an iranian noodle soup), or spinach pancakes with lime butter.

    It did tickle me for some reason that gunge is a british english word, I didn’t know that americans wouldn’t know it! Two nations divided by a common language and all that!

  5. teryll

    Loved this episode! So Matt, what would you suggest serving with your spinach recipes that you made on this episode? I’m thinking fish.

    1. mamster Post author

      Let’s see. Fish, absolutely. Steak. Noodles (udon, yakisoba, soba). Rice. Pickles. Am I getting warm?

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