Episode 67: Hard Tacos

Hoo boy, we’ve cranked the juvenile up to 11 (years old). We’re talking about American-style hard tacos, and if the phrase “American-style hard tacos” is already making you snicker, you’re our kind of people. EXPLICIT. www.spilledmilkpodcast.com

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11 thoughts on “Episode 67: Hard Tacos

  1. Jennifer

    Thanks a lot, now you’ve made us want Del Taco for breakfast. (we are listening to this on Saturday morning). And I have not had a hard taco since I was in high school (a very long time ago).
    Another very funny show, thank you.

  2. steve

    I grew up in North Central Montana and was treated to curious cuisine variations from various ethnic neighbors. Our next door neighbors were a mixed marriage – Danish and Swedish. Their tacos were properly pronounced tack-Ohs … One sheet of Wonder Bread, melted Velveeta, fried ground meat and onions with a package seasoning sauce, although they preferred just salt and pepper. Sometimes there were chopped mushrooms and chopped lettuce.

    My first real taco in Pasadena, Calif was a religious experience by comparison:-)

  3. Krysta

    I just looked at my pack of hard taco shells from Trader Joe’s and it also says to heat them in the oven. So much better – I can’t believe I’ve been missing out.

  4. Nettie

    HI-larious! I think this might be one of my favourite episodes so far. I’m not quite sure if this is legal, but we always used to dip our tacos in hot water for about 20 seconds just before filling them. This stops them from falling apart, and surprisingly did not affect the crunch too much. Having said that, I’ll go for a soft taco over a crunchy one any day :)(You’re right it is hard to talk about taco’s without sounding dirty)

  5. eve

    matthew , did you say you make your own hard shell taco by frying a soft shell ?
    can you elaborate ??? i have never heard of such a thing!

    1. mamster Post author

      Yes! It’s pretty easy and super-tasty. Search YouTube for “how to fry taco shells” and you’ll be doing it yourself tonight.

  6. eve

    thank you so much , the you tube videos are wonderful .
    one more question: what kind of oil do you prefer to use ?
    i have a bottle of peanut oil i bought , but i do not not know what to use it for , i do not want my food to taste “peanuty” . i am not sure what prompted me to buy it , but if you have any good uses for peanut oil i would love to know them .
    on one of the you tube taco videos , the guy uses a homemade wooden mallet , he just presses the tortilla down in the pot of oil and hold the mallet in place and it leave a good wide taco shell! you have opened me up to a whole new world.
    i hope you will do some you tube videos , maybe of your favorite thai salads or something !

  7. Kristy

    That was awesome.

    (The Pink Taco reminded me – there’s a chain originally out of Fort Worth, TX, called Fuzzy’s Tacos…)

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