Episode 70: Honey

Greetings from Spilled Milk University. First, the zoology department weighs in on how bees make honey (we have no idea). Next, to the law school, where the judge weighs in on whether honey is theft. Finally, the school of culinary arts, where fingers get sticky. www.spilledmilkpodcast.com

10 thoughts on “Episode 70: Honey

  1. Hanna

    Great episode! I’ve never tried lemon honey. Sounds really good.

    I’ve been eating a type of honey called manuka honey. I’ve heard it’s very antibacterial and when I feel a bit ill I eat a spoonful. If I have a wound I spread some of the honey on it. It actually works :) Really good taste as well – not super sweet and very complex.

  2. Rhkennerly

    Should have had a beekeeper on the show. Nectar is stored in the honey stomach, just a sac to carry it back to the hive, not the digestive stomach. Think of it more like a cows udder instead of a stomach. They also collect pollen & store it in the comb as a protein source.

    Actually, in the honey stomach an enzyme is add which begins splitting the complex 16 carbon molecule of nectar into 2 eight carbon sugars.

    1. mamster Post author

      Also, isn’t the “complex 16-carbon molecule” in nectar just sucrose? I really do have a biology degree, I just forgot most of it.

  3. Kaye

    I loved this episode. Here in Melbourne, Australia, honey seems to be the “next big thing”. My local deli has rooftop honeys from different local suburbs as well as many different honeys from our native trees as well as many imported ones. No lemon honey though.

  4. Sarah

    Now I cannot stop thinking about the eggplant/honey/olive/goat cheese combination. I actually just picked up a wildflower honey from the Cap Hill market, sans tasting, and am going to dip my finger into it as soon as I get home. How about a show on eggplants sometime?

  5. Marin

    I highly recommend wildflower honey. I get it from the honey stick guy at my farmers market. It is extremely light and has the most beautiful light floral flavor. I absolutely love it!

  6. Caroline

    I make a sauce for grilled eggplant that consists of wildflower honey mixed with sambal oelek and a splash of rice vinegar. The combination of honey, garlic, and chili is divine.

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