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Episode 72: Day of Perfect Meals

If you could have one day of unlimited travel, cash, and stomach capacity, plus the power to raise dead breakfast cooks, what would you eat? (Hmm, that makes it sound like we advocate eating zombies.) Molly and Matthew select their ultimate breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, and dessert, and it quickly turns spooky. (Plus, you’ll never guess who goes to France! Okay, you will.)


“Nigella’s rhubarb crumble”:
“Nigella’s statuesque figure”:
“Molly’s Rhubarb sherbet”:
“Little Uncle”:
“French toast recipes”:
“Taylor Kitsch”:

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Episode 71: Granola Bars

When we were in grade school, bringing a granola bar in your lunch box was a key factor in the daily struggle to avoid ostracism. But you had to pledge to one of the rival gangs: the Crunchies, the Chewies, or the Kudos. Learn about our secret gang tattoos and…actually, we just eat a bunch of granola bars.

Chewy Granola Bars with Pecans, Chocolate, and Cherries:

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