11 thoughts on “Episode 74: Japanese Junk Food

  1. riye

    Wow! Praline flavored Kinoko no Yama? Cool! I’m going to have to run out and see if I can get some. They also come in dark and milk chocolate.

    Good thing she didn’t send Kalinto, which is like a skinny french fry except that its glazed with sugar. They’re really good but the black sugar flavored ones look like somebody cleaned out the litterbox and then glazed the cat-made logs with sugar.

    Personally I think the little fish snack is better when it has peanuts instead of almonds plus chili pepper rice crackers. Oh and you need green tea. :-)

    1. mamster Post author

      Riye, this episode was recorded before my trip to Japan this summer, where I had many great snacks. One I especially enjoyed was the cheesy crackers that look like wedges of swiss cheese, which I’m totally blanking on the name of. They’re labeled with the percentage of cheese in each variety, like chocolate, so it’s “55% cheese!” and the like.

  2. Diana stroble

    Huge fan and congrats on baby June!

    A few show ideas:

    Green tea tasting plus teciples (toasted rice green tea, matcha,etc)

    Alternative grain/ Savory breakfast bowls: polenta, April bloom field’s porridge, breakfast bulgar.

    The tart yogurt trend. Pinkberry, etc. Where to get fro yo in Seattle?? Menchies, red mango, zoe, yogurt land)

    1. mamster Post author

      Diana, I like the tea idea, although I’m the green tea drinker in the Spilled Milk family, and we’ve had trouble in the past with episodes growing sluggish due to unequal knowledge.

      Frozen yogurt would totally be a good episode. I enjoyed the first round of frozen yogurt in the 80s and am enjoying the resurgence.

      Kate, thanks again for the gifts. I’m still finishing off the box.

  3. riye

    Wow. Don’t you just love the Japanese manufacturers’ attention to detail with the little holes in the “cheese” cracker wedges? Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll look for Cheezas the next time I’m at Marukai.

    If you and Molly ever do Japanese Junk Food 2 let me know and I’ll send you the glazed black sugar cat log cookies. :-)

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  5. Lori

    I loved this episode. Today I came across a Japanese supermarket and bought myself some salty chocolate Pokky, delicious! I saw the chestnuts you talked about too. Thanks for the tips!

  6. Kous

    First off, i love your show!
    I’m not saying this to make fun of u guys but on the package of the roasted chessnut, it says “sweet chessnut, we peeled them!”
    and so when you guys realized it was a real, peeled chessnut, I cracked up in my office.
    and btw, the chocolate mushroom cookie comes in different shapes like bamboo sprouts. they taste more or less the same but you should try them when u get a chance!

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