Episode 79: Canned Childhood

We’re strolling down memory lane again, and this time, we’re checking out cans.  From SpaghettiOs to tiny burgers in soup, we’re revisiting the canned foods of our youth, and hey, would you look at that: we didn’t even maim ourselves on the can opener, Mom. www.spilledmilkpodcast.com

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4 thoughts on “Episode 79: Canned Childhood

  1. Corrie_Alexa

    Canned Foods from my childhood:
    Tamales-I still eat them as does my child(don’t expect real tamales, but not bad)
    Chef Boyardee Mini Ravioli-NEVER spagettios. yuck. too sweet. My sister had a fb status about our love of ravioli just last week…just don’t talk about the color of the meat filling…
    All kinds of canned soup-tomato and grilled cheese or vegetable beef with grilled cheese (I still eat it- 1/2 can of water) My kid eats chicken and stars, my husband eats Sirloin burger…lunch or Momma is out fend for yourself. :)
    Canned Chinese- I haven’t eaten it since I have been an adult
    My Momma cooked a real meal on Sunday evenings, but that was the only non-canned meal of the week unless I cooked it. She worked evenings and cans are the reason I am a decent cook today…you can only eat so much soup before you rebel and start making home cooked meals for your siblings at the age of 10.

  2. Anna

    Tamale lovers, there is an entire section devoted to tamales, including canned tamales, in Gustavo Arellano’s book, Taco USA: How Mexican Food Conquered America. I think you guys would get quite a kick out of this book. How compelling is that title? :) Being a Mexican-American, I love to tease friends that they are jealous of my culture . .. seriously, try to find someone that doesn’t LOVE Mexican food, margaritas, or Mexican beers . .. or all three. Here is a link to an NPR interview. It doesn’t mention tamales, but the book describes an entire subculture of tamale sellers across America, and it’s influence on the canning industry. Enjoy, Anna



  3. Mindy

    So, after listening to this podcast we totally went out and bought spaghettios. We couldn’t bring ourselves to buy spagettios proper though we tried (we’re so CONSCIOUS! sometimes too conscious, every decision turns ethical…). We we’re scared of the unpronounceable stuff on the ingredient list (even though we’ve both had plenty in our lifetime) so we bought certified organic Annie’s naturals bernios, (little pasta rabbits in cheese sauce)

    I wanted to buy the spaghettios too, as a comparison taste testing sort of activity, but Eric, my partner talked me out of it.

    I used to eat spaghettios out of this deep mug-bowl sort of dish we had, but most importantly I loved cutting up some chunks of cheddar cheese and letting them float in the tomato-pasta mixture, getting all melty and yummy. MMMMmmmmm.

    I convinced Eric that we need the cheese chunks. (Not grated, not slices, CHUNKS…) It wasn’t quite as good as I remember, but it totally hit the memory spot.

    We LOVE your show!

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