11 thoughts on “Episode 93: Jam

  1. Ronni

    This has nothing to do with jam. Sorry. Or maybe it does a little bit. Have you thought of setting up a spilled milk instagram? When you said the table was full of jam, I thought, “It sure would be nice to see a visual of that.” So you could post a picture of what you’ve cooked/eaten for the show.
    Just an idea. Thanks!

    1. mamster Post author

      Hey, Ronni, I like that idea a lot. I’ve never used Instagram, but I bet it’s not hard, right? I’m putting it on the agenda to discuss when Molly and I record next week.

  2. Marin

    Hey guys! The t-shirts are cool, and I love the coffee mugs. However, I cannot subscribe it is too expensive and I would rather upgrade to pandora one it is cheaper :). Cool idea though and I hope it goes well for you

  3. riye

    I was just wondering why you folks didn’t make a pitch for Spilled Milk membership–and now you have! :-)

    I like marmalade. Last year I got kumquat marmalade from a friend and it was fantastic–a little more tart than orange and really delicious.

    Any idea on how long jam will keep? We have a jar of guava jam (I think) in the fridge going on 3+ years now and I’m afraid to open it. Plus I don’t like guava jam that much.

  4. Ann Boyd

    I’m totally in! Spilled Milk is my very very very favorite podcast and well worth a subscription. Keep up the awesome work, Matthew and Molly!

    On another note… do you think you could list the jams you tried in this episode? I’d love to make a note of them, especially that mini-plum one. I’m sure I can’t get it in Chicago, but I can always dream of a trip to Seattle.

    1. mamster Post author

      riye, I think jam you don’t like keeps forever. :) Seriously, jam lasts a long time in the fridge, but three years might be pushing it.

      Ann, offhand I remember Sunfresh Freezerves, Ayako Gordon’s damson plum, Christine Ferber’s quince…I’ll ask Molly to post the other two, since she brought them. Thanks for subscribing!

  5. riye

    Thanks guys! I just feel bad throwing the guava jam away because it was made by a Japanese grandmother (not mine). I’ll get my nerve up this week and open the jar.

  6. riye

    Update: I tried the jam–no mold but I scooped out the top 1/2 inch of jam just in case. Happy to report, no tummy bummers.

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