Episode 94: Croissants

In this flaky, buttery episode, Molly and Matthew pull apart the culinary conundrum that is a croissant. How did the croissant conquer the world when it’s so hard to make? We’re still not sure, but we’re willing to eat four croissants for lunch in order to find out. We investigate butter slabs, shoeboxes, Costco, and Pillsbury crescent rolls on our way to enlightenment.www.spilledmilkpodcast.com

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11 thoughts on “Episode 94: Croissants

  1. Beth R

    What brands of croissants did you sample? If you said during the episode, I missed it. Especially want to know where you got the almond croissant.

    1. mamster Post author

      Hi, Beth. We’re not calling out specific bakeries on this episode, but I can tell you that some croissants I especially enjoy are Cafe Besalu (Seattle), Poujauran (Paris), and Trader Joe’s (everywhere).

  2. Cat

    I figured one would be from Cafe Besalu, I live about 3 blocks away from there and I consider them some of the best croissants in Seattle. I watched them rolling out dough and slabs of butter the other day while waiting in line.

  3. MS

    You should have discussed the quintessential croissant quandary—temperature. Most croissants are futile once cooled.

  4. Caroline

    Great timing– I have a Groupon for Craftsy.com, and I was strongly considering the croissant class. My decision has been made now. You guys really should try making croissants, though. The buttery dough is fun to work with, and even bad homemade croissants are really really good (then again, I too have a weird fondness for Costco croissants).

  5. SSteve

    Three things:

    1) I can’t remember an episode that made me as hungry as this one. Twice. I listened to half on the way to work yesterday and the other half today.

    2) I forgot that the Rosie Perez on Jeopardy subplot was from White Men Can’t Jump. I hated that movie so much that I completely blocked out that fact that I loved that part. I would have said it was from My Cousin Vinnie.

    3) I absolutely can’t believe that Matthew said “And you have a hummer in the morning” and it passed without further comment or a giggling fit.

  6. J

    Thought you might be exaggerating about airport coffee shop croissants – but I was in an airport the other day and the croissants at the Starbucks there were as big as my face, no joke.

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