Episode 95: Salmon

It’s July in Seattle, and that means one thing: salmon. We’ve been noodlin’ around in the river with Brad Pitt, losing fingers and catching dinner, and now we’re sharing our favorite ways to cook and eat our favorite local fish. (Though, no, you still can’t have any.) spilledmilkpodcast.com

Babbo Salmonhttp://seattletimes.com/pacificnw/2002/0908/taste.html
(not sure why I called for a nonstick pan; stainless or cast-iron or carbon steel is better)

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8 thoughts on “Episode 95: Salmon

  1. kt

    I like to slow-roast salmon – it melts in your mouth and doesn’t overcook so easily. And you should definitely try planking, but with alder, not cedar. Cedar has a nice aroma, but I think alder has a better flavor. I miss salmon season in Seattle!

  2. Yunah

    Why dont you wanna get into the farmed salmon issue?? There’s not much to say except that it’s awful right?

  3. riye

    If we’re stuck with farmed salmon (it happens sometimes) I soak it for a couple of minutes on each side in sake. Seems to help perk up the bland taste. My mom used to do that with most fresh fish and with our Thanksgiving turkey (she’d “bathe” the turkey instead of soaking it).

  4. Kate

    My dad (who’s from Japan) would always broil salmon in the toaster oven with a little soy sauce, lots of grated ginger, and serve it with a squirt of lemon. It was really simple and really delicious.

    by the way, how do you guys feel about a smoked salmon episode?

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  6. Kate

    Someone in my apartment complex has a bumper sticker from an Oklahoma noodlin’ competition. I thought of you both!

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