Episode 97: East Coast Chips

Listeners Rachel and Max from Pittsburgh sent us the greatest gift: a big box of potato chips. Grandma Utz, for example, fries her chips in lard. Whatever happened to old Grandma Utz, anyway? Chips tasted: Lays, Utz (original), Utz Kettle Classics, Utz Natural Gourmet Medley, Grandma Utz, Herr’s Kettle Cooked. spilledmilkpodcast.com

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9 thoughts on “Episode 97: East Coast Chips

  1. Mary

    Love Utz’s. I listened to this episode during my drive home from work and was starving by the time I pulled in. Utz Dark Russet to the rescue! I am a huge fan of darker chips and these fit the bill for me.

    My favorite use for Grandma Utz’s chips is in Ferran Adria’s (or Jose Andres’s, depending who you ask) potato chip tortilla. Here is a link to my (very neglected) blog when I used them with great success. http://cooking4theweek.blogspot.com/2010/04/tortilla-espanola.html

  2. Mary

    Ooh, and also Herr’s salt and vinegar are a nostalgic guilty pleasure for me (although I haven’t eaten one in over a decade). Laden with chemicals and so full of citric acid that they would turn your mouth white upon contact. Sounds appetizing yes? I probably wouldn’t like them now.

  3. Mike

    Although I love the show, I can’t help but think that it would be more interesting if you did blind tastings. Keep it up!

    1. mamster Post author

      Hi, Mike. I’ve had that same thought myself. To do it, however, we’d need to have someone else set up the blind tasting, and currently we don’t have anyone else who works on the show. I hope that will change at some point, because we have a lot of grunt work to offload on…hey, are you volunteering?

  4. Lori K.

    I’ve never tried the Herr’s Kettle chips, but the Rippled one in the red bag are our favorites! Too bad you didn’t give those a try.

    Also, Grandma Utz chips were a staple for us in college, with french onion dip….ah the memories.

    Thanks for the show, loved it!

  5. Sian

    Fun episode. The talk about crisp sandwiches at the end reminded me of the ‘crisp butties’ my grandmother used to make me – relatively common in the north of england (along with chip butties – we’re not afraid of carbs!). You need a fluffy white bun, buttered and stuffed with the crisps of your choice… the thought of eating them now doesn’t appeal but I used to love them!

  6. JackieD

    My guesses:

    Ohio – hotbed of ice cream d/t grass grazed cows, long and humid summers (vs. Wisconsin where all the dairy goes into cheese)?
    Pennsylvania- good potato growin’ climate, lots of Dutch and Germans?

  7. Shanna

    I never realized how good I had it growing up on the east coast! If you like crab chips, check out Route 11 chips (rt11.com), theirs are by far the best I have found, and they’re a great kettle chip too.

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