4 thoughts on “Episode 98: Radishes

  1. Julie Davis

    Just a note to say that I was surprised to read recently that radishes are best stored without the greens. (Wish I could recall where but I can’t…) However, I was also surprised to see how freeing that was to have “permission” to just cut those greens off when I got home and store radishes the way that was most convenient. :-)

  2. riye

    At our local Japanese market they always sell the large daikon without the leaves. Maybe because otherwise they wouldn’t fit in the vegetable bin.

    So funny–I’d never seen a round, red radish except in magazines until I went off to college. :-)

  3. Sharon K.

    We rinse off & dry the daikon radish greens. They then get salted as they are placed in a container, A weight is put on top of them, About 2 days later they are removed, rinsed and sliced. They are slightly hot in flavor. They’re eaten with rice. (Turnip greens are even better this way.)

  4. Tanya

    I seriously LOL while I drive and listen to your podcast. It’s like listening in on a great conversation.
    My first time eating radishes was when my grandmother helped me plant my first vegetables in her yard and I got to reap the benefits of my labor.
    I have NEVER had them with bread or butter and let me tell you my mouth was watering and I can’t wait to go out and do just that, but fresh radish, bread and smear it with some butter.

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