Episode 99: Instant Coffee

Hey does it seem like we’re talking really fast? It seems to us likewe’retalkingreallyfast. Molly and Matthew celebrate the moments of their lives with a selection of the finest instant coffees. Remember France? Remember Jean-Luc, the waiter? Remember leg warmers? It’s Maxwell’s House; we just broke in and drank his coffee. EXPLICIT. spilledmilkpodcast.com

Classic General Foods International Coffees commercials:

Sexy ad: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_EHD2rGCq8
Frenchy ad: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcMpJlYynBw

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4 thoughts on “Episode 99: Instant Coffee

  1. Chris

    That was hilarious.

    While I was in college in the late 1970s I was given coffee bags (like tea bags) that an uncle was trying to market. I don’t remember them being all that great, but they did have caffeine. And in college all I really needed was an IV drip of coffee.

    My introduction to coffee was in college study sessions, and the “Last Exit Coffee House” on Brooklyn in the U-District, near the slightly off campus dorms. Because of that I always found instant coffee to be tasteless.

    The only instant coffee I have had in my house is an Italian espresso powder that I use for an Irish Coffee cheesecake (from Gourmet Magazine almost thirty years ago).

    One reason I have no need to buy instant coffee is that I have a small gold cone for one cup, plus if that is too much trouble there is a coffee shop one block from my house… and in this city there is one every five to ten blocks.

  2. Annerbee

    I have a serious coffee addiction. If I don’t get my hands wrapped around a mug of coffee within 15 min of waking up in the morning I am not a pleasant human to be around. The Starbucks Via packets are a life saver when you travel – I keep emergency stashes of packets in my suitcase, purse, etc. in the event that friends or family members I may be staying with do not have a coffee maker! I cannot be bothered to put shoes on and schlep myself to the nearest cafe. And what if there is no nearest cafe!? When staying with family in rural Iowa, the nearest “cafe” is called QwikTrip and you can also buy your lotto tickets, ice, and premium unleaded gas there….

  3. caroline

    I think a lot of the instant coffee purchasers are people who don’t drink coffee at all but feel they should have some available if a coffee-drinking guest should show up.
    Also, instant coffee is HUGE in certain parts of the world like South America, weirdly enough.

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