Episode 100: Salt

It’s our centennial episode! Remember when Spilled Milk got its start, back in 1913? All we remember is, we probably didn’t have access to the variety of gourmet salts we enjoy today. Salts tasted: Jacobsen (Oregon), Læsø Groft Sydesalt (Denmark), Admiralty (Washington), sel gris(France), Maldon (England), Diamond Crystal (US), Okinawa Snow (Japan). spilledmilkpodcast.com

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8 thoughts on “Episode 100: Salt

  1. Paige

    Læsø (an island in the north of Denmark) Groft (course) Sydesalt (I’m thinking this means finishing salt…my meager exchange student Danish fails me there, and my dictionary says syde means “fizzling/sizzling”, so…)

    And the way you pronounced Netarts was correct!

  2. riye

    A nice finishing salt mixed with black sesame seeds would be great on a rice ball. Or maybe a colored salt (we have red, black, and green locally sourced salt here). Mmm!

    P.S. Somebody gave us dark chocolate covered caramels with fleur de sel from Trader Joes and they were fantastic!

  3. Marin

    Hey guys! Congratulations, I love the show!!! Also I recommend trying smoked salt it is relly yummy, and I have had lava rock black salt before which is really pretty as a finishing salt. I think you should also do a show on store bought cookie dough. Thnx you are hilarious!

  4. Ashley

    To answer the pretzel question: You wash pretzels with either lye or baking soda. Baking soda being used more at home or in my case pastry school, and lye being used in more commercial operations. The more you know :)

  5. Karina


    I’m an American who has been living in Normandy for the last 10 years. I use the grey French salt for pasta water etc but never as a finishing salt. It’s yummy, full of minerals and natural. Plus 1kg runs just over 1 euro! Score!

    If you ever what to come do an episode in Normandy I know all the good places to take you – locally made cheese (camembert of course, but pont l’eveque, livarot… YUM!) and cider places that also make calvados and pommeau. And my favourite creperie that makes the most delicious galettes and crepes (in the crepes they use some chestnut flour – devine!)

    Anyway been listening since the beginning but don’t think I’ve ever commented. LOVE the show!!! Plus I’m originally from Port Townsend so just love hearing about the PNW :)

    And Molly, don’t be afraid to mention France! It totally changed my cooking philosophy. :)

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