4 thoughts on “Episode 109: Bacon

  1. Chris

    hey guys, i love food & i love your podcast. i love classic, i love modern and i especially love moorish peasant dishes. one dish i just cannot get right but love to death is “chicken tikka masala”. i consider it non-authentic indian though since its basically tomato bisque with garam masala but i digress. would you be able to make an episode about chicken tikka masala? it’s also the national dish of england if that helps motivate you. also, i wish people would venture and try it instead of sitting back and saying “curry smells bad”. if they actually read the ingredients in chicken tikka they might find a new love for food (or indian food in this case). anyway, i just want to give you madd props for all the fun times you guys provide during my commutes and boring office slave life (i work at a law firm, lawyers are the only ones that benefit working in this environment. trust me. someone could get fired if they forget to put a straw in their drink before bringing it to them, but they’ll ask you to take a bucket of their quarters down to the bank in exchange for paper bills.) <—danng, inside these parenthesis are some fiery words from years of law firm slavery. anyway, yea, i think chicken tikka is easy and contains less ingredients than you could count on your fingers. i also love "Aloo Palak" which is spinach and cream mixed with spices (soooo yummzy!!). You guys are the real deal. Although molly seems like she's a trained chef she seems like a very selective eater, no offense though to each their own. I personally didnt like egg nogg but am now a semi-believer (im waiting til december 2014 for the really fancy whole foods packaged ones to try this time around.) I love pizza too, that's one of my all time life passions. Been making dough for over 10 years and have perfected it completely in the past 2 years. I'm chinese and korean if that surprises or makes a difference in any way. Grew up in new jersey and now live in San Francisco. Love LA but hate the traffic. Also you should try "Oki Dog" in LA if you havent. i love dives and that place has hands down the best chili cheese hot dog wrapped in a warm fluffy tortilla with hot sauce i've ever had. (actually the only one ive ever had, hahha)

  2. Kate

    I like the episode! I had a friend in college who used to save his bacon fat under the kitchen counter and then use it to grease his bike. One day he was riding around and got chased by two neighborhood dogs. He stopped saving the bacon after that…

  3. Annerbee

    Guys! Tip for cutting up raw bacon – use kitchen shears. Just dangle the slice over the pan and snip away. No nasty sensation of knife gushing through raw fat, no need for cutting boards.


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