Episode 110: Popcorn

Dear Dennis Quaid: We’re really sorry about all the things we did to you on this episode. But really, would you rather have Martin Short in there, or us? Love, your two grannies, Molly and Matthew. spilledmilkpodcast.com

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18 thoughts on “Episode 110: Popcorn

  1. riye

    A lot of people here like their popcorn mixed with furikake and Japanese rice crackers (usually the flat, square crackers). Really good but kind of smelly–I think its the soy sauce based coating on the crackers.

    1. Kate

      Totally agree! In Hawaii it’s called “hurricane popcorn,” with furikake (the classic nori kind) and kakimochi.

      For me, it’s either that, or butter and lots and lots of salt.

    2. Caroline

      Oh wow, I’ve thought of doing that but was worried I’d ruin the popcorn. Never knew it was an actual thing!

  2. dancinmikeb

    One colleague insists that dill pickle seasoning is great sprinkled on popcorn. Also, our elementary school popcorn always came in big bags, like 20 gal. bags, from a place that I believe was called Popper’s Supply. Oh, and, do you have an approximate ratio of kernels to lard for say a typical 3 qt. saucepan?

  3. Stacy

    Matthew, I had the same freak popcorn accident happen to me too. I had the little butter lid in place, even. No lasting scars from the blister, but I have never made popcorn barefoot again.

  4. Mary E

    On other food as utensils – I like to cut a hole in an orange and use an old-timey porous peppermint stick as a straw to suck the orange juice through. Or at least I used to as a kid.

    And bringing together your last two episodes — my favorite way to make popcorn is with bacon. I chop the bacon and cook it til it’s crispy (I get that you guys like chewy bacon better, but for this I really think it’s better to have thin cooked bacon cooked crisp.) Then, I cook the popcorn on the stove in the rendered bacon grease (and sometimes a little more oil depending how much is left). Then I add the crispy bacon pieces to the popcorn, and more salt if it needs it. Sometimes I also add some smoked paprika, or some grated white cheddar or parmesan. Delicious!

  5. sarah b

    red twizzlers as a straw – bite off each end, suck up some 7-up or sprite (it must be a lemon-lime soda). awesome.

  6. Katharina

    Dear Matthew,
    I’m afraid I wasn’t able to find out a contact on your blog (guestbook, email or so), so I have to write you a few words in your podcast-comments because it seems that you read them sometimes. :)
    First (because may posting really should have to to anything with the podcast): that’s a great and funny idea! I had much of fun listening to popcorn and bacon. And now I WANT popcorn and bacon… well down.
    Second: I live in Austria, Europe, and because I write some recensions for a popular scientific online journal (epikur-journal.at), I got a book of the German version of “Hungry Monkey”. And I loved it so much!! I read it … I suppose… five times. And I still love reading it. Unfortunately, the German version “Kulinarische Abenteuer mit einem Kleinkind” is out of print, but I bought a few second hand books for friends who have little kids in the age of Iris. Everybody really liked it.
    Today I’ve seen that you wrote another book too (Pretty Good Number One) and I’m wondering if you will publish it with Egmont Vgs Verlag (German publisher) or maybe with another German publisher again? I would prefer to read it in German because if I do that I can get all your jokes. ;) But if you don’t I will buy it in English.

    I thank you so much for your special kind of humour – I love it. And thanks for giving me lots of delicious ideas for cooking.

    Yours Katharina

  7. Caroline

    Does anyone remember Pop Secret Pop Qwiz, the neon-colored popcorn? It tasted even stranger than regular Pop Secret, and each box came with a “mystery” bag which added to the allure. It was an early 90’s thing, so Matthew and Molly might have been too mature by then to have been exposed to it.

  8. Lee

    Regarding food as utensil – BelVita Breakfast Cookies (I think they have a name other than cookie, but that’s what they are) make a good yogurt spoon. If they get soggy, bite that part off and use the next dry part. Discovered when I forgot to pack a spoon and now I eat them that way all the time.

  9. SSteve

    My favorite popcorn-related memory is when my mother would make popcorn in the evening (stove-top in the aluminum pot–no fancy popcorn makers back then) and tell my sister and me to get in our jammies. Because that meant we were GOING TO THE DRIVE IN!! I remember one double-feature was Song of the South and Old Yeller. Luckily, my sister and I were both sound asleep before Old Yeller ended.

  10. KK

    I’ve never posted a comment but Cant resist about popcorn. I grew up in the 80s making popcorn in oil on the stove & salting it afterwards. A huge bowl almost everyday after practice. Now I still make it the same way my family but will sometimes add some butter or pop the kernels in coconut oil. Yum! One last nugget… Try adding m&ms to the bowl of warm popcorn for a delicious treat. Looking forward to trying kernels popped in bacon grease!

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