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Support Matthew’s new book

You’ll be hearing more about this at the top of Thursday’s episode, but if you haven’t already pledged to Matthew’s Kickstarter, it’s not too late. His new book, _Pretty Good Number One: An American Family Eats Tokyo,_ will be out this summer as an ebook and audiobook. He’s already raised enough to pay for editing, cover design, and a website, but is just a handful of pledges away from being able to go on book tour and sleep on your couch, just like you always wanted.

“Pledge now”:

The Kickstarter will be over on Thursday, March 14, and then we’ll stop bugging you about this until the book comes out, at which point we’ll resume bugging you. Thank you! Spilled Milk listeners have already been very generous, so if you’ve already donated, ignore this plea and enjoy Thursday’s banana episode.

I’m going to break our website

Hello, listeners. This is your webmaster, Matthew, also known as the person on the show who is not Molly. I’m going to be messing around with our website in the next couple of days to try and fix some longstanding issues and prepare for our spring (summer?) pledge drive, and it will probably break occasionally. This won’t affect your ability to listen to the show via iTunes or your favorite podcasting app, and you can always download episodes directly here:


Thanks for your patience, your continued support, for sending us care packages, and for laughing at our jokes even though it only encourages us.

Fun interview and live event

Two items of note:

1. Molly and Matthew were interviewed by the blog “Dorm Room Dinner”: We talk about frozen yogurt, Lady Gaga, and being fancy.

2. We’re doing a live event with Langdon Cook, author of the _Fat of the Land,_ at “The Project Room”: in Seattle on March 22. Time TBD, but probably something like 6pm. This won’t be a live episode; it’s a conversation about creativity. Only 100% less boring than that sounds. Please come see us; it’s free!

Seaweed for sale (notes on Episode 44)

Here are the seaweed products we tried during Episode 44. Check your local Asian grocery or natural foods store before buying online, because shipping is expensive and you should support your local hippies.

Japanese nori: Yamamotoyama Roasted Seaweed for Sushi

Korean salted laver: Sea’s Gift Korean Seaweed Snack

Nori tsukudani: JFC Ajishima

Kombu: Eden Kombu

Kombu tsukudani: Simanoca Genki Goma Tsukudani (the commercial product is tasty but loaded with weird ingredients; consider making your own)

Furikake: JFC – Seto Fumi Furikake

More rice!

Matthew wrote a column for with more info on _okowa,_ one of the rice dishes we made in “Episode 40″:

“One-pot cooking: Sticky rice as a main dish”:

It’s like a podcast, only written down.

We’re guests on Game Night Guys

Do we have a new show this week? No, we do not!

Can you hear half an hour of us anyway? Yes, you can!

We’re guests on the delightful “Game Night Guys”: Brian and Mike made us play Foodie Fight, a trivia game where every question is very easy or very hard. Maybe that describes every trivia game. Check out the part where Matthew totally nails Madeleine Kamman. Wait, that didn’t sound right.

Thanks to the Guys for having us on. Wait, that didn’t sound right either.

Inside the podcaster’s studio

We’re in the news! Seattle Magazine interviewed us for their story on podcasting and also visited us in our gold-plated Capitol Hill studios:

“Seattle Broadcasters Detour Traditional Airwaves”:

Inside the “Studios” of Online Radio from Seattle magazine on Vimeo.

Thanks to Karen, Alex, and Julia at Seattle Mag!

Ramen we tasted in Episode 34

“Nong Shim Gourmet Spicy”:
“Myojo Chukazanmai”:, soybean paste flavor (available dried or frozen; the frozen is better)
Top Ramen, chicken flavor (we’re guessing you don’t need any help locating this one)

Live, live, live

Our first ever live taping is coming up, and you can be in the audience absolutely free. (Though if you want to brush-pass us a wad of 20s, we’ll play along.)

*When:* July 29, 2010, 5:30pm
*Where:* Queen Anne Farmers Market, W Crockett & Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle
*Why:* Because you can watch us make total fools of ourselves in public.

Our comedy is certified organic, although some of our jokes should really be destroyed by unnatural means.