Becky Selengut

Special guest

When she's not squid jigging, fishing, or cavorting through the woods picking wild things for her next meal, Becky Selengut is a private chef, author, humorist, and cooking teacher. A staff instructor for The Pantry Cooking School, Selengut is also a private chef and the author of five books including: Good Fish, Shroom, How to Taste, and Not One Shrine. In her spare time she co-hosts a comedy podcast called Look Inside This Book Club where she reviews only the free Look Inside samples of outrageous romance novels. Selengut lives on Capitol Hill in Seattle with her wife April and their two dogs, Izzy and Pippin. In the near future, Selengut hopes to clone herself so she can find the time to do more of these fun things other people call "work."

Becky Selengut has been a guest on 2 episodes.