The Seattle University Spectator did an article last week on Molly:

“A local blogger’s sweet success”:

bq. Orangette exists as one of the zestiest food blogs around. Named last year by the Times of London as the number one food blog of 2009, creator Molly Wizenberg continues to dominate the Internet food scene from her home in Ballard.

Dominating the Internet food scene is no easy task. It requires a supercomputer with lots of wires coming out the top, various bunsen burners and beakers, and an evil laugh. And it requires a podcast: Spilled Milk is featured in the article! (P.S.: Despite what the article says, there is only one New York Times bestselling author associated with this show, and it’s not Matthew. It’s our mentor and executive producer, Dan Brown.)

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Our next episode will be out Thursday, January 21, 2010. You will be thrilled and horrified to learn that Episode 2 is nearly twice as long as Episode 1, and it features a harrowing reenactment of the French revolution.