Yes, we were given yet another box of foreign goodies submitted for our pleasure and judgement. Indian Junk Food is super classy although its looks, taste and smell don’t always exactly align. This is a seriously bangin box full of confusing aromatics, exuding liquids and squeaking cheese. 

From listener Sohna:

Haldiram’s Special Soan Papdi – 250 gm: Sweet. Do not refrigerate! My mum’s favorite. Soan Papdis are kind of flaky and crumbly and can make a mess. 🙂

Haldiram’s Cham Cham: Sweet and syrupy. Messy to eat since they can drip. But good. 🙂

Kukure – Monster Paws – Funky Tomato: Just cos Kurkure rocks.

Chitale Bandhu Bakarwadi (crispy spring roll): Again, bakarwadi is one of my favorites. A really famous snack from Maharashtra, and is usually best when had freshly fried, but since that’s not an option… These are an awesome alternative, and is from one of the better known stores in Pune.

Haldiram’s Instant Pani Puri Kit: Popular street food. A few boiled potato cubes, boiled garbanzo beans and chopped onions are sometimes added in before adding the chutneys. Instructions should be provided, but if not: . Remember to put the stuffed puris whole in your mouth and then bite into it. That’s how they’re eaten 🙂

Nirav Fennel Seeds (Sugar Coated): Mouth freshener. Never been very fond of these, but my husband loves them. They’re usually served in lil bowls at the end of a meal in a restaurant.

Anand Baby Muruku (spicy): Muruku is a popular snack from South India (where I’m from).

Anand Jackfruit Chips: My dad used to love these. Had them with hot milky tea in the mornings.

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