Send us an international snack box

Want to send us a box of international junk food? Awesome, thank you! We love trying new junk food. After eating our way through seven years of international snack boxes, however, we’re establishing some ground rules. So before you mail us a box of snacks you’d like to see featured on the show, please read the fine print:

  1. We’re looking for international junk food from a country we haven’t already featured on the show. If you’re not sure whether we’ve already featured a country, just Google spilled milk albania or whatever.

  2. The junk food should be selected by an expert—someone who lives in the location, grew up there, or for some other reason has tangible memories from that place so we know we are getting the real deal in Tanzanian items.

  3. Everything in the box should be extremely nonperishable. It could very well take us weeks to receive the box and then months to crack it open.

  4. A box should contain six to ten items, since we usually edit them down to five favorites (or so), and should include an explanation of the items, nifty factoids, memories, etc. A pronunciation guide may come in handy (but probably not). Feel free to include the guide in the box or send it separately by email.

  5. Please don’t include anything that requires any preparation more involved than “open this spread and put in on the crackers” or “put these drinks in the fridge.” We never even qualify for participation trophies.

  6. Finally, please get in touch before you pack up and send a box of intl goodies. We have a strict episode schedule that Producer Abby makes us abide by, so we can’t fit every snack box into an episode.

If you’ve read all of this and for some reason still want to send us some goodies, please drop us an email at Thank you!

–Matthew, Molly, and Abby