424: Little Debbie

Matthew Amster-Burton 0:03

I'm Matthew and I'm Molly and this is spilled milk this year where we cook something delicious eat it all and you can't have it well that was I was really eat it all

Molly 0:14

Well today we are sitting in front of a small stack of Little Debbie boxes

Matthew Amster-Burton 0:21

and that is has nothing to do with the episode which is about tonight. Now it didn't know it was really gonna be snap cakes

Molly 0:30

when I snap it's pretty loud I know you

Matthew Amster-Burton 0:34

I know you're always bragging about your loudness

Molly 0:36

so ashes have I bragged away No but Ash is always like God your snaps are so

Matthew Amster-Burton 0:43

I know that you've ever mentioned it on the show before but it did sound like you were bragging about your loud snaps

Molly 0:48

well so ash has ash has had a couple of hand injuries and therefore cannot snap very well. Okay. And I think they've got a little bit of a complex about it. So whenever I snapped, like now you're just rubbing it

Matthew Amster-Burton 0:58

in my face, but you're so perfectly matched out because you can snap for to hear how it's very wait now I want to snap.

Molly 1:08

Okay, anyway,

Matthew Amster-Burton 1:10

I thought I was good until I heard you loud snap. I

Molly 1:12

know. I know. Yeah. aggressively good. Anyway, okay. So um, yeah, today we're talking about

Matthew Amster-Burton 1:19

weird flex but okay. That's the thing. Is that a thing that the kids are saying? The thing of the kids are saying,

Molly 1:25

Oh, god, there's so many things that kids are saying now that I just, I've stopped I can't even figure out what the kids are saying.

Matthew Amster-Burton 1:32

Well, this episode one of the kids was listener Megan who suggested this episode and is presumably an adult said I want a Little Debbie episode. This would include Swiss cake rolls, nutty bars, check. Zebra cake check star crunch check.

Molly 1:47

Oh no. Do we have Starcraft we do not have Starcraft.

Matthew Amster-Burton 1:49

But I think we have all of the others so good job me who shopped for the Little Debbie merchandise.

Molly 1:55

And I do want to make sure that we include the last thing that listener Megan told us which is

Matthew Amster-Burton 2:02

Little Debbie for life. You think think she has like a big tattoo that says Little Debbie for life?

Molly 2:08

No, I think what she has is probably a tattoo of the Little Debbie logo with it. Which is which is a picture of Little Debbie.

Matthew Amster-Burton 2:16

Yeah, it's like God kind of a button nose.

Molly 2:18

She's really cute. I'm gonna tell you all about her because I did the research for today's

Matthew Amster-Burton 2:22

please do I I don't think I've ever bought a Little Debbie product before and I found the experience puzzling. Really?

Molly 2:29


Matthew Amster-Burton 2:30

Okay for two reasons. Number one, I didn't realize it was gonna have like its own section at the Safeway. Is it like, is it in the same area where it hostess is in the same area where hostesses and also end Timmons and also I guess I guess this is a hostess product like those those individual fruit pies.

Molly 2:49

Were what is that section?

Matthew Amster-Burton 2:51

Well, at the Safeway, the Safeway in Seattle, it's near the bread. It's like, crammed between the bread and the peanut butter.

Molly 3:01

Ah, okay, I get that. Yeah, I get this. Okay, like the sandwich bread. We're talking. Right? Okay.

Matthew Amster-Burton 3:06

Yeah, no, it's not. It's not in like the, like, fancy rustic bread section. Okay. And the other thing that was puzzling was the price, because these are large boxes of cakes and cookies, and each of them was $1.99. If the price is low enough to that it felt troubling.

Molly 3:24

Yeah, so I'm gonna get to that. But that is one of the things that Little Debbie is known for, okay, is being like, half the price of its competitors. And, and the little you know, the company McKee foods, which makes Little Debbie, they claim that they're able to do this because of like, you know, efficient practices they've developed over the course of 60 years in business,

Matthew Amster-Burton 3:48

but I mean,

Molly 3:50

so we're an independent podcast here. And I feel like I just want to put it out there that I just feel like maybe they're able to do this because it's filled with like, Space Age polymers.

Matthew Amster-Burton 4:00

I mean, I hope they're I hope they're delicious Space Age polymers, but I mean, you know, aside from that, like like the the ingredients they're using are not like expensive ingredients.

Molly 4:10

Right, but like, I guess there's probably no butter in these things. Right, right. Probably low fat

Matthew Amster-Burton 4:18

cream pies. Wow, it sounds like we're really like Dude, pull in a fast food nation. supersize. A Little Debbie which is not our intention. No, but the the ingredients are corn syrup, corn syrup. Enriched, bleached flour, palm and soybean oils, sugar, oats. These are not expensive ingredient. Okay.

Molly 4:41

Okay. And big. You know, big corn has made it such that corn syrup is probably very, very cheap.

Matthew Amster-Burton 4:47

That's big sugar. Yep. Yeah, a lot of big things went into this fairly large box of oatmeal cream pies and that's why it's so big.

Molly 4:55

Anyway, have you ever had any Little Debbie brand snack cake before

Matthew Amster-Burton 5:00

I don't want to rule out like just in case like someone wants to come along and debunk me I don't want to rule out the possibility that I've that I've, like, had one unknowingly in my sleep What am I like Ambien fields, like sleep walking, shopping and eating episodes? Which just keeps happening night after night and like, I'm not gonna do anything to prevent them because it's just part of my brand now. But I don't think I've ever had a little Debbie I'm so glad you're opening them and this isn't gonna be one of those episodes where I have to wait a long time to taste the food.

Molly 5:33

So I don't know if I've had Little Debbie hostess was always the snack cake brand of my youth. Matthew which cut a little bit off that I'm wearing like bright red lipstick today and I don't want to put my mouth on anything that Matthew and I are eating.

Matthew Amster-Burton 5:48

Did you did you like forget this morning what your job is? No, except

Molly 5:52

seriously multiple times this morning as I was like making my coffee getting dressed whatever. I kept thinking that I was going to therapy

Matthew Amster-Burton 6:00

instead of to a podcast, hence the lipstick

Molly 6:03

because my therapist is in Matthews neighborhood. But doing a podcast with you is like is it the opposite of therapy? Is it is it therapy?

Matthew Amster-Burton 6:15

Wait so do you think your therapist like infers things about your your state of mind based on your lipstick color?

Molly 6:21

No, it's mostly just that. I wanted to wear lipstick today.

Matthew Amster-Burton 6:26

When I was like 20 maybe. And and living in Seattle. Like for the first time like first time living on my own. I mean, not on my own like with wife of the show Laurie but as an adult, I went to a therapist. And while I was seeing the therapist, I got my hair dyed blue, and did not foresee was like, genuinely surprised when that was like all the therapist wanted to talk about Really? Yes.

Molly 6:50

Oh my god, that surprises me. Of course. It was like 20 years ago, right?

Matthew Amster-Burton 6:56

Yeah, exactly. It was 20 years ago. But

Molly 7:01

But I think that like a therapist now in Seattle would be like totally unfair. Yeah, yeah, of course, by whatever you showed up with like, oh, total body tattoo or anything? No,

Matthew Amster-Burton 7:11

I think I think my most recent therapists had blue hair. Not even necessarily joking. I don't remember exactly. But I mean, they had cool hair.

Molly 7:20

Cool. Pretty good hair. I feel like we could do a Dr. Seuss rhyme here.

Matthew Amster-Burton 7:24

The oatmeal cream pie. I wanted to have more salt. But I

Molly 7:29

like it more than I thought I will. Yeah,

Matthew Amster-Burton 7:30

I like the the soft texture. It feels kind of legit somehow.

Molly 7:36

Anyway, so Okay, we we didn't really have a memory lane because we don't have a memory lane, right. Am I correct? Okay, but so while we're eating things, can I tell you what I learned about Little Debbie,

Matthew Amster-Burton 7:46

we did actually have every lane because there's a big construction project going on. Memory Lane and it is close to three traffic.

Molly 7:53

So I guess we can't kick the can down it like we usually Exactly. Yeah.

Matthew Amster-Burton 7:57

Did you ever play kick the can as a kid? No, I think I did. But I don't really remember any of the rules of kick that can i think but like, as I recall this completely wrong. There was a can in the street and you had to like run, like run out of a hiding place and go kick it before someone else did something. It sounds dangerous.

Molly 8:18

It does sound dangerous. That's why you have to, like run out of a hiding place to kick the can kick the canvas just sort of like like, like street soccer. Like we can get

Matthew Amster-Burton 8:31

that's that would be so dangerous. Like I'm not saying that what I described isn't dangerous, but playing soccer with a tin can instead of a soccer ball. Like the lacerations the the the tetanus the avulsion

Molly 8:46

Wait, what are avulsions

Matthew Amster-Burton 8:48

I think it avulsion is like when something gets like pulled off. Maybe not good. I know that.

Molly 8:58

I talk about Little Debbie, please. And would you decide which one we should open next in the in the cheesecake in the cheese please?

Matthew Amster-Burton 9:06

Yeah, yeah. Now this is good. I have a bit of an avulsion Okay, all right. So guys, I think Swiss rolls next it seems really classic

Molly 9:16

Little Debbie is a brand of snack cakes made by McKee foods as I mentioned, which is a Tennessee based company. And it started like in the late 20s when this couple Eau de and Ruth Mickey and

Matthew Amster-Burton 9:30

this couple odede on sugar.

Molly 9:32

Last night when I was typing it up, I found that after typing o d like initials od multiple times, I had accidentally changed it to Oh gee. The types anyway, od and Ruth McKee started selling snack cakes for five cents out of the back of their car.

Matthew Amster-Burton 9:52

I love how the song Oh gee, original gangster came out and that immediately became a thing that will be with us forever.

Molly 9:59


Matthew Amster-Burton 10:00

It's so fun. Like, I just find it so fun when something like that happens. And it's like there's a new catchphrase, and it's just gonna stick around forever. And it's

Molly 10:07

also going to stretch back in time and be taken on by Mr. McKee of the McKee foods company.

Matthew Amster-Burton 10:13

Oh, gee, Mickey,

Molly 10:14

who is now Oh, gee, Mickey. Anyway. So yeah. Anyway, I found far more detail than I then I'm going to share here about the keys and how they bought a bakery and then sold a bakery and moved to a different town in Tennessee and bought a different bakery and then moved back to the first town and re bought a bakery. We bought a zoo, but interestingly enough, the company is still family owned, privately held. And anyway, I think that McKee foods became what we know it as

Matthew Amster-Burton 10:46

just heard of it. A little minutes ago,

Molly 10:49

a little Debbie company in 1960. Apparently somebody like you know, some marketing person or whatever that the mckees were working with, suggested that maybe they they name the the brand or a new line of products after a family member, then they were looking for, you know, a catchy name, okay,

so that what they were doing is they were launching a new like family pack carton of snack cakes. And they decided to name this family pack carton after one of their grandchildren who was then four was Debbie, and they base the logo on this black and white photo of her. But they didn't tell her parents, like the boxes were being printed. Anyway,

Matthew Amster-Burton 11:32

so here's a different time.

Molly 11:34

Apparently, Debbie's parents weren't very happy about what Debbie's grandparents had done. But at any rate, once Debbie was all grown up, she became an executive at the company. A great

Matthew Amster-Burton 11:45

Yes. Pretty cool, cool story. Anyway, checked out this part where they were the company began when od or Oh, gee, and Ruth McKee were selling began selling five cent snack cakes from the back of their car. No, I

Molly 11:59

said that you just now Okay, cool.

Matthew Amster-Burton 12:03

Well, if I had heard you what I would have said was, if like, like a guy pulled up and offered to sell you snack cakes out of the back of his car. How would you feel about this? Guess it would depend on the price

Molly 12:13

we live in. Much less innocent times, Matthew.

Matthew Amster-Burton 12:17

I know. Yeah, we should we should like say that thing that people that people are required to say, which is that like basically everything is much safer now, but we're much more scared of everything.

Molly 12:26

Yeah. Okay. You're right. You're right. Okay. Anyway, the first family pack carton of snack cakes made by Little Debbie was the oatmeal cream pie.

Matthew Amster-Burton 12:35

Oh, which we tried,

Molly 12:36

which when it came out in 1960 was 49 cents per pack. Now it's only $1.99 that this is definitely not like matched to inflation. Oh,

Matthew Amster-Burton 12:47

definitely not. So it's that I wish I'd

Molly 12:50

gone online and looked up what something that was 49 cents in 1960. Should be now we could do that. Okay, hold on. We'll be right back.

Matthew Amster-Burton 13:04

While I'm looking this up, we want to give a shout out to our friends the book larder podcast which is produced by spelled belts producer Abbey. It is a great podcast that is recorded at book larder Seattle's community cookbook store, which is an amazing bookstore.

Molly 13:19

And Matthew was actually on the episode called drunk in China.

Matthew Amster-Burton 13:23

Yeah, with with Derrick sand house. That was a fun episode. There's a I just list started listening to today's episode, which is about fried rice with Danielle Santoli I believe

Molly 13:35

and if you're someone who doesn't want to listen to like an event recording, they've got some straight up interview ones with amazing people like Alison Roman Diana Henry Aaron. Goyal. Agha

Matthew Amster-Burton 13:48

Yeah, so look larger podcast, get it wherever you get podcasts. Okay, so I'm pulling up the inflation calculator, enter the amount of money point four, nine, enter the initial year. What did you say the year was 60 1960 and the final year? So what was 49 cents in 1960? would cost 429 today,

Molly 14:11

wow. Okay,

Matthew Amster-Burton 14:13

so yeah, these things have gotten a lot cheaper. Anyway,

Molly 14:17

hold on. We're gonna we're gonna talk more about what we think of these when I'm done here. But anyway, um, so I watched this YouTube video made by mashed a company called mash. Okay. Anyway, the video was called the untold truth of Little Debbie

Matthew Amster-Burton 14:32

that sounds like porn.

Molly 14:34

And anyway, according to this video, od invented them can't say oh gee,

Matthew Amster-Burton 14:42

just call him Oh gee, like, he's not gonna like come after us. Oh, God. I mean, his ghost is gonna haunt us but

Molly 14:50

od. invented them when he was trying to make his like crunchy oatmeal cookies a little softer. I feel like it's a euphemism for Something I talk about the untold truth

Matthew Amster-Burton 15:03

is crunchy.

Molly 15:06

The opposite of what most men complain about

Matthew Amster-Burton 15:10

but but even like setting setting aside like the the dick jokes like, he's like how hard were the cookies?

Molly 15:21

I wonder if it was like bricks and mortar. You know?

Matthew Amster-Burton 15:26

Dad, we need to talk. You're bad at cookies. Like I don't know why you keep trying to sell these out of the back of your car. They are terrible. Like kids are breaking tea. I wonder

Molly 15:36

if it was that he was trying to sell like stale one.

Matthew Amster-Burton 15:38

Yeah, the kids are playing kick the can with using your cookies instead of a can. Well anyway, just soften those cookies or we are out of business.

Molly 15:46

Okay, so the oatmeal cream pie launched in 1960. And by 1964 Little Debbie was selling 14 varieties of snack cake. Okay, so Okay. Anyway, the top selling ones, they haven't changed a lot over the years. The top selling Little Debbie products are oatmeal cream pies, Swiss cake rolls and nutty bars. We have just tasted all three of them.

Matthew Amster-Burton 16:08

Yeah, so these say Nutty Buddy. I assume that's the same as a naughty boy.

Molly 16:12

I think so too.

Matthew Amster-Burton 16:14

And these are very tasty. These

Molly 16:15

are it's like a

Matthew Amster-Burton 16:16

little candy bar. Yeah, it's a it's a wafer cookie with lots of peanut butter. Oh my god. It's really good. I love anything with lots of peanut butter.

Molly 16:25

I'm into this, huh? Yeah, it's great. It's really good. Um, anyway, apparently in 2014 when Little Debbie was launching this new product called cosmic cupcakes. They teamed up with the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. And they attached a pack of cosmic cupcakes and a little Debbie bobblehead to a weather balloon and launched it 18 miles into space can you believe money

Matthew Amster-Burton 16:52

was spent on this? Is that even really space

Molly 16:56

18 mile

Matthew Amster-Burton 16:56

I mean where it is tested Glenn? Sure. There there is really is like a definitive answer for this question. I'm not going to bother to look it up I'm sure 18 miles constitutes space but

Molly 17:06

on the video the untold truth of Little Debbie I saw some footage like a like a bird's eye view of you know, you can see the the bobble head and the box of cosmic cupcakes in the foreground and in the background. Is that like classic from space viewing Earth is

Matthew Amster-Burton 17:24

like an artist's recreate.

Molly 17:27

This was like footage, like from a satellite from a weather balloon.

Matthew Amster-Burton 17:30

Is it true that one of their kids crawled into the weather balloon before they launched it and went on an incredible journey. Little Logie. Wait, what does that mean? It was Balloon Boy, it was a hoax. an internet hoax from like, 10 years ago. Really? Yes. Like, like some some YouTube family like wanted to like get some hype going. So they pretended that one of their kids had crawled into a helium balloon, like a homemade hot air balloon type of dealio. And and was like sale in the skies and like maybe he would come back alive or not. But actually, there was never a kid on the balloon.

Molly 18:06

Wow. Okay. Well, you know, Matthew, yeah. I think that your next novel should be about this guy.

Matthew Amster-Burton 18:13

I bet there's been a wait, which guy? Boy? Boy, I think I think my next house would be bad. Oh, gee, McKee. I don't I mean, it should definitely have a character named sounds were like an old timey prospector, I guess. Yeah.

Molly 18:32

Okay, hold on. Speaking of. I don't know, like regular

Matthew Amster-Burton 18:36

old timey prospectors we're looking for gold in this zebra cakes box. When you were a kid. Did you ever have a moment where you thought you might like successfully pan for gold? Yeah.

Molly 18:48

No, but I think most kids do.

Matthew Amster-Burton 18:50

I totally did. Like when I heard about this, I'm like, okay, like this is gonna be my thing. I'm going to be the panning for gold kid and I am going to find gold in like, a stream like near a hiking trail near my house.

Molly 19:03

I definitely have been hiking and encountered like a couple of adult humans, not children. McKay were completely seriously like searching for gold in a stream in Washington State.

Matthew Amster-Burton 19:21

Did you know that? Did you listen to any of the Pixies podcast about the making of the recent Pixies album? I didn't. In this podcast, I learned that Pixies drummer David Lovering is a true eccentric and one of the many things he's really into is metal detecting. Really? Yeah. And like he made it sound pretty fun.

Molly 19:46

I was at carkeek Park in Seattle recently and had my dog with me and I was going to go down onto the beach and there are big signs there that says that say like dogs are not allowed on public beaches and Seattle, you'll be fine. Whatever. I'll be honest, I was gonna ignore it because I am a bad person. But then I looked down onto the beach from where I was standing and I could see two people with metal detectors down there like sweeping over the sand. And then I looked more closely and realized that they were like park service people. Park Service people use metal detectors. I think they were wearing like official uniforms and I think that they were like cleaning up down there. Okay, like I think that maybe I don't know like looking for like buried tin cans buried garbage.

Matthew Amster-Burton 20:32

They were gonna play kick the can if they kind of can. They wanted to kick the can. disposal problem.

Molly 20:40

Anyway, anyway, I did not take my dog down onto the beach. This so this is the zebra cake, which is a hexagonal, a cake. That is like two layers of white cake with white cream in the middle and it's coated in a white glaze within stripes of chocolate across the top. And I don't see. I don't see a reason for this product to exist.

Matthew Amster-Burton 21:05

Well. Yeah, I mean, I mean,

Molly 21:08

what do you taste the the chocolate frosting?

Matthew Amster-Burton 21:11

No. Um, I think like in the same way that that I like any any shitty thing made with peanut butter. I think there are people who who really enjoy like a shitty cake. And I think this would probably do it for those people. And I don't mean this in a derogatory way. You know?

Molly 21:27

I love shitty grocery store cakes. And this tastes a little bit like a shitty grocery store cake. However, the aftertaste is a little off. Well, I

Matthew Amster-Burton 21:35

mean, I had to make it last.

Molly 21:36

I could get in. I could. I would go down on this.

Matthew Amster-Burton 21:39

You would get in it.

Molly 21:40

Except for that aftertaste.

Matthew Amster-Burton 21:42

Yeah, well, if you just keep eating it, maybe the aftertaste will never show up like eating continuously from now until your eventual death.

Unknown Speaker 21:49

Okay. Hold on.

Matthew Amster-Burton 21:53

Rachel, Deb from cake over.

Molly 21:55

I'm trying to find a segue into this next thing I want to tell you.

Matthew Amster-Burton 21:59

All the segways of this episode have been absolutely Primo so far. So I believe in you.

Molly 22:03

In 2015 thieves in North Carolina ransacked A Little Debbie delivery van and stole 65 cases of snack cakes.

Matthew Amster-Burton 22:13

What is the total of $21?

Molly 22:19

Yeah, totally. Totally. No, seriously, those would all amount to being worth like barely $100

Matthew Amster-Burton 22:25

Yeah, but I mean, like,

Molly 22:28

if you'd be rich and snack cakes.

Matthew Amster-Burton 22:30

I mean, I think I think this is this is like a another like thing people say that's probably true, but whether or not people will continue saying it like criminals are dumb. Like the only smart criminals are on TV.

Molly 22:41

Oh, yeah. Okay, that's okay. That makes sense. Like Dexter. Exactly.

Matthew Amster-Burton 22:45

Yeah. So this is a honeybun This reminds me This is me out for summary. Remember when we did the shelf stable breakfast pastries episode? Yeah, years ago, it looked like something had been sat upon and then you actually sat on it looks like you sat on this honey, but

Molly 23:01

it does. Anyway, so Little Debbie is very clammy. I didn't.

Matthew Amster-Burton 23:08

It's not good, but

Molly 23:11

Okay, I'll try it. Sorry. I

Matthew Amster-Burton 23:12


Molly 23:13

I love it when you describe snack cakes is clammy. Anyway, Little Debbie is the number one brand of snack cake in the US like above hostess.

Matthew Amster-Burton 23:22

Interesting. Well, it's much cheaper. That's a good point. What this makes me think of the honeybun which is sort of like a cinnamon roll analog is something you would get at a continental breakfast at a very cheap motel.

Molly 23:38

That's exactly what this is. I think they're probably in the back. unwrapping honey bonds and getting

Matthew Amster-Burton 23:43

them out. Yep. Yeah. The back on Robin honey vines. You need me? I'll be in the backyard. raffin honey funds.

Molly 23:50

Okay, one last tidbit about the MKII family. So, um, so the, the family their Seventh Day Adventists. Okay. And they have been sponsoring NASCAR teams since the 1990s. But one of the things that they like stipulate in their sponsorship deals is that from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday, okay, the Sabbath Little Debbie sponsored teams cover or remove their Little Debbie logo. Oh, wow. Crew wears like non Little Debbie attire. And this is a condition of the sponsorship.

Matthew Amster-Burton 24:25

I have questions.

Molly 24:26

I do too. I mean, like, I get that it's the Sabbath. But I'm amazed that Little Debbie would want their logos removed during that time. That seems like NASCAR time.

Matthew Amster-Burton 24:37

I mean, yes. But like I understand like, if that's if that is like the the religious code. My question is, what do they wear when they're not wearing? Debbie? Is it just like, like, kind of polo shirts and slacks or are they wearing like the hostess logo and just folding their middle fingers up? Hi. Yeah. Yeah,

Molly 24:56

I don't know. Anyway. Wow. Okay, Matthew. So hold on. What was Your favorite here?

Matthew Amster-Burton 25:01

My favorite NASCAR team. I'm gonna have to say

Molly 25:04

no your favorite Little Debbie snack cake

Matthew Amster-Burton 25:06

nutty buddies by a mile nutty buddies are great, but I mean one one thing that was puzzling to me about little Debbie's in addition to the price and the fact that they have their own section is that they they're both cakes. There are some cakes and some cookies, but they're not like highly differentiated in terms of packaging, and certainly not in terms of shelving. Isn't that isn't that craziest thing you've ever heard? It's just didn't I just blow your mind? Actually, I

Molly 25:30

stopped listening about halfway through. What I wanted to say is that on the end of this box of nutty buddies, there is what seems to be like a company slogan. And it is today we bake.

Matthew Amster-Burton 25:47

Oh, wow. Is that not Saturday? Is that a vaguely? Sunday? Saturday, Sunday, Saturday, Friday Saturday?

Molly 25:54

Is that a vaguely religious thing? Today? We bake like today we pray Give us this day our daily baking.

Matthew Amster-Burton 26:01

Oh god Matthew we're going to do you and I are definitely the most qualified people to weigh in on whether this is a religious thing.

Molly 26:09

Anyway, I really like the Nutty Buddy. I would not kick the swiss roll out of bed. I probably also wouldn't kick the oatmeal cream pie out of bed but

Matthew Amster-Burton 26:17

it was not bad. The honey buns? Yes. See the zebra cake It is fun to smash it with your hand through the pitch which I bet I bet there is a multiple YouTube channels or just people smashing Little Debbie cakes.

Molly 26:31

Oh that is fun, isn't it? Yeah,

Matthew Amster-Burton 26:33

but like I don't know like I was gonna say it would feel wasteful to give you a whole new one to smash but I'm just gonna throw them out.

Molly 26:39

Okay, the way that like so you smash it down it smashes to a certain point and then it starts then it starts like losing bouncing back Oh yeah. And it just makes me think about all sorts of like principles of physics like you know that we cannot destroy this matter.

Matthew Amster-Burton 26:54

Well it's got it's got a spring constant spring constant No,

Molly 26:59

I never took physics

Matthew Amster-Burton 27:01

Oh, so like the

Molly 27:02

air in this package makes it really hard to adequately smash it to my liking. Oh,

Matthew Amster-Burton 27:07

we can the one I suppose the package was already open. But I mean, you'd still did a really good job.

Molly 27:13

Now I'm really like kind of just massaging it with Oh wow. pulverizing it I basically turning it into like baby food.

Matthew Amster-Burton 27:21

This is this is the kind of disturbing but it was much more disturbing the time you did this to a real zebra. But I crushed it. It did dust. Oh that's satisfying. Yeah. Okay, well, this was instructive I guess. Yeah. Wow. You really turned it back into batter? I did like if you added like a little milk to that or something. It would be well I guess you'd be made I guess you're making cakepops right? Yeah, I'm

Molly 27:49

making I'm making I'm gonna make a cake pop.

Matthew Amster-Burton 27:52

Yeah, I think a zebra cake pop might be kind of good. Like again, I'm sure this has been done like how it holds its shape. Okay, so Molly is going to be playing with food for the rest of the day. You can find us online at spell vote podcast calm and facebook.com slash Build Mode podcast where we'd like to know like what what is the Little Debbie item or just like this the the like snack aisle snack cake item that we left out that you love and why

Molly 28:23

our producer is Abbey circuit tele

Matthew Amster-Burton 28:25

Yeah, you can find us on Instagram at spilled milk podcast. I'm going to post a picture of this this thing that Molly destroyed why don't

Molly 28:33

why don't you post like a boomerang of me squeezing it?

Matthew Amster-Burton 28:37

I you would have to teach me how to do that.

Molly 28:39

Oh God, I knew it. Okay, anyway, um, you can Did you already say that you can leave us a review.

Matthew Amster-Burton 28:46

Oh no, I

Molly 28:46

didn't you know guys reviews they really make a difference especially if they're not bad.

Matthew Amster-Burton 28:53

When they make a difference both ways like a difference doesn't

Molly 28:56

make a positive difference. And don't we all want to make a positive difference in the life of another?

Matthew Amster-Burton 29:01

Yeah, yeah, we

Molly 29:02

do. Um, anyway, like, you can leave us a review on iTunes. No, not iTunes, Apple podcasts

Matthew Amster-Burton 29:11

stitcher cast box. Every goal podcasts on everywhere else on a

Molly 29:17

billboard. And yes, you want

Matthew Amster-Burton 29:19

get a billboard. Put on it. What should what should people put on their billboard? Because like we we want to control I

Molly 29:25

love kicking the can with spilled milk podcast.

Matthew Amster-Burton 29:27

That's exactly it. Yeah. I love kicking the guy with spilled milk podcast, find a picture of us on the internet. Put it on that Billboard. Yep. And we'll we'll show it we'll take a selfie of ourselves. Except like, that's probably hard to do because we'd be down on the ground and the billboard would be way up here listening to spill. In this selfie. You'd see right up our nostrils. And I'm Matthew Amster-Burton.

Oh my god, I don't want Pauly Shore to be my character witness. Okay. We're gonna do this okay. Next we'd like to call this dad. Pauly Shore. All right, let's, let's take a recess.