436: Almond Extract

Molly 0:03

I'm Molly.

Matthew Amster-Burton 0:04

And I'm Matthew.

Molly 0:05

And this is spilled milk, the show where we cook something delicious. Eat it all and sit in our separate homes across the city and talk about it. Yeah, so

Matthew Amster-Burton 0:13

this is a real you, Molly can't have any because I made cookies, and you can't have any

Molly 0:18

Oh my god, this is terrible. I thought that I was in your inner circle Matthew, and that all of our listeners were outside of it. But now I'm just, I'm just with our listeners here. And I can't have any That's true. But like, I

Matthew Amster-Burton 0:31

mean, the the listeners there, they're so happy to have you, they're gonna like take you into their virtual drum circle. They're gonna drum you, they're gonna drum with you. So

Molly 0:40

like, sometime within the past, like half a year, Ash was somewhere with another family from our school. And the father of the family said something about like, we should all get together and do a drum circle. And ash could not tell whether this guy I mean, we don't know this guy well enough to know whether he was joking or not. But ever since then, I've desperately been wanting to do it. But he's never mentioned it again. And I don't know if he's joking, or not. So I don't know if I should bring it up or not.

Matthew Amster-Burton 1:11

I mean, like to go back to a recent episode. That's sort of like how someone would introduce the idea of an avid orgy. Like as a joke, probably, you know, wouldn't it be crazy if we got together for a drum circle?

Molly 1:24

And then you're in this awkward position of like, do I out myself as that person who wants to do the drum circle slash orgy?

Matthew Amster-Burton 1:31

You should like go for it and say, like, you know, hey, hey, Tim. Remember when you mentioned the drum circle? Like, were you serious? And if so, like, amen. Okay, gotcha. Okay.

Molly 1:41

Well, I'll wait until we're not on lockdown anymore.

Matthew Amster-Burton 1:44

That's fair. You know? Yeah, actually,

Molly 1:46

if, if you're gonna have a drum circle, at least you should do it at a time when it's like, you know, safe public health wise,

Matthew Amster-Burton 1:54

I think I think that's true. And you know, you could attempt to do like a zoom drum circle. I think the latency issues would make it well, it would make it worse than a regular drum circle.

Molly 2:07

I'm glad we glad we figured that

Matthew Amster-Burton 2:09

out. Okay, well, no, no, actually, what it might result in is poly rhythms. Oh, wow.

Molly 2:15

That sounds high. No, right. Yeah. Have you ever have you ever gone poly?

Matthew Amster-Burton 2:20

rhythmically gone poly rhythmic? I've been thinking about it. Yeah, you and Laurie should check it out like this the whole like four four times. time signature is so played out.

Molly 2:30

Okay, wait, did we say this is an episode about all my extra?

Matthew Amster-Burton 2:35


Molly 2:36

so this is an episode about homemade extract. Here we are in early May. And I feel like almond I mean, all almond flavored things are seasonless. Right. But I do think of I don't know, this is as good a time as any to talk about almond extract. Yeah,

Matthew Amster-Burton 2:55

I think it well. I mean, because because it's not a seasonal thing. It's always almond extract season.

Molly 3:01

Oh, okay. All right. Yeah, that was what I was pointing toward, I guess. Okay, so Matthew, hold on. Let's start, as we always used to do by walking down memory lane. At least this time. We'll do it separately. distancing style. Okay. All right.

Matthew Amster-Burton 3:16

You go walk down your memory. Usually we skipped down memory lane holding hands. Yeah. We and then we kick the can every now we kick the can and then we arrived at the Emerald City.

Molly 3:24

Yeah. All right. So Matthew, take, take it away. Show me down your memory.

Matthew Amster-Burton 3:27

Okay, so my memory lane for almond extract. Like I couldn't think of any, like almond extract stories from my youth. But here's here's my memory lane. When we were talking about doing this episode, I'm like, Okay, I'm pretty sure we do have almond extract in the house. Let me check. Oh, yeah, we've got a big blob of almond extract from penzeys spices, where you know, we love to order from about once a year. And I looked at this bottle of almond extract. And I was like, oh, what things that we've been making with almond extract. I don't really remember any recently. And we had labeled the bottle. It's from 2010. And it is full.

Molly 4:00

Oh my god, really?

Matthew Amster-Burton 4:03

I mean, possibly as much as like two teaspoons had been used.

Molly 4:06

Wow, Matthew, if I could come over to your house right now, I would totally come over and get some almond extract because we generally buy like the you know, whatever small bottle of it. You can get it the regular old grocery store and we blow through that stuff. Oh, I'm so excited to hear

Matthew Amster-Burton 4:21

what you make.

Molly 4:22

Well, there's just one thing in particular that we make and I'm going to get to that later. But first I want to tell you, first I want to stay on memory lane. Hopefully that's where I am. So I think that I first became aware of almond extract. Well, okay, honestly, I think that the first thing I ever noticed that at least had an almond extract vibe going on. And actually maybe this doesn't count at all, but my mom used to have a tin of amoretti cookies.

Matthew Amster-Burton 4:50

Oh no, I think that totally counts. I think those are made with almond extract

Molly 4:54

well, so I remember where this tin was in. So in the house that we lived in until I was 13 there was a cabinet that was like, below counter level. And I think the cabinet was actually like my parents liquor cabinet. Clearly I wasn't that interested in it.

Matthew Amster-Burton 5:12

Yeah. Did you ever grade the liquor cabinet as a kid, I

Molly 5:15

raided the liquor cabinet. But I seem to remember that at the back of this cabinet, there was this weird like half shelf that didn't cover the whole depth of the cabinet. And I remember there being things on the shelf and one of the things was one of those really quite beautiful tins of like from Italy. amoretti. co. Yeah,

Matthew Amster-Burton 5:33

the 10 is the best part of those

Molly 5:35

10 is totally The best part. And they came inside wrapped in like this fit like vellum paper that was printed. It was really a beautiful experience. And I was very drawn to this tin and every now and then I remember opening it up and like smelling these cookies. And I remember tasting one and being revolted by it. Like it was so disgusting.

Matthew Amster-Burton 5:57

Yeah, very grown up flavor, I think, Oh, I

Molly 5:59

hated it. Anyway, so I think I was very suspicious of things that I associated with that kind of very perfumey almondy, almost like liquor type smell that almond extract can sometimes have.

Matthew Amster-Burton 6:13

Yeah, totally.

Molly 6:14

But then I remember my freshman year at Stanford, I was living in this dorm called Kimble. And it had a really good dining hall,

Matthew Amster-Burton 6:22

like super good dining hall. How I didn't know. And like, you know, I went to college, like couple years before you and our dining hall was terrible. And then like really shortly, yeah. And then and then like, shortly after I left, that that's what I heard that like, Oh, they like fired the company that ran the dining halls and brought in good food or like, thanks a lot.

Molly 6:40

I think that you know, there was like some big company that ran this one. Whatever it was like Balshaw were catering at Bon appetit, catering or something. But the chef who ran the actual kitchen of our dining hall was like a pretty nice guy, and was pretty cool. They had above the salad bar, a whole bunch of different Bundt cakes, and they were pretty much always they're the same types of Bundt cakes up above the salad bar. And I remember choosing one of them. It was it looked like a poppy seed bundt cake. But anyway, it was filled with all Monday extract. And I think that was the first time I'd ever truly eaten like an almond extract flavored pastry. And I thought that it was, I mean, I begged the dining hall to give me the recipe, because I wanted to give it to my mother back in Oklahoma and see if she would make it for me.

Matthew Amster-Burton 7:39

Okay, I have two questions. Did they give you the recipe?

Molly 7:42

No. I think that they probably brought it in from somewhere else to be honest. And

Matthew Amster-Burton 7:45

second, did the local proletariat, like ever find out that the kids at Stanford had access to an unlimited bundt cake bar? And if so, was that the thing that started the revolution?

Molly 7:56

I think it was I think it was that was what Marie Antoinette was taught. Exactly. Yeah, let those Stanford students see bundt cake right. Anyway, but yeah, I remember finding this cake like unbelievably good. Like just you know, like, Are there some desserts in your your memory lane? Where where they are so good that it like changes everything for you like,

Matthew Amster-Burton 8:18

Oh, yeah, for sure. I mean, definitely, like the first time I had like a flowerless chocolate cake total. I don't remember like, yeah, it would have been when I was a kid, but like, definitely like, oh, wow, like, I didn't know dessert could be like more dessert than anything I've experienced before.

Molly 8:32

Yeah, there was something about this cake it like pushed all these like buttons in me. It was so delicious. And for a while afterward, whenever I would see like a poppy seed cake and a bakery or something like that. I would order it and it took me a long time to understand that even though I think the pairing of almonds and poppy seed is is pretty classic. Oh yeah. And a lot of cuisines. A lot of poppy seed cakes just have like lemon zest or something and

Matthew Amster-Burton 8:58

they don't have almond extra right so I first of all, wait for the show. Laurie mentioned that she used to love getting the grocery store almond poppy seed muffins like especially like when she was working as a young person in Seattle. But also they had rubber when we bought a pudding cake at UFC.

Molly 9:15

Yes, a lemon pudding, right

Matthew Amster-Burton 9:16

because they also have had and may still have the almond poppy seed pudding cake, which I'm gonna bet is probably pretty similar to the bundt cake that you that you fell in love with as a young woman.

Molly 9:27

I agree. It probably is. I mean, I think it's a very typical cake but ever since I had that bundt cake all those many years ago.

Matthew Amster-Burton 9:35

That bundt cake

Molly 9:37

I now am very disappointed anytime I encounter a poppy seed like cake or muffin or something that is like a lemon pie. Oh yeah. Instead of almond poppy seed like I want nothing to do with that. I

Matthew Amster-Burton 9:48

want the almonds poppies, you know, I totally agree.

Molly 9:51

Yeah. Anyway, so that's my memory lane. And that really awakened me to like the whole idea of almond flavored desserts. And of course, you can get almond flavor into baked goods in so many different ways right with like almond paste or with marzipan or almond extract. But today, we're just gonna focus on all my extra.

Matthew Amster-Burton 10:11

Yes. So can I tell you what almond extract is? Please? Because I did not know this even though I feel like I should have that almond extract is usually not made from almonds. It's not Yeah, so almond extract is typically made from stone fruit pits, which are toxic, but obviously are processed in such a way that that the result is not toxic.

Molly 10:33


Matthew Amster-Burton 10:34

Hold on. So why is it not made from almonds because almonds are expensive and you can sell them to people to eat as almonds. Yeah, okay, as with peach pit, or an app or cod pad or bitter almonds which are not edible as almond, you can process them and produce like a edible almond oil or almond flavored oil from that. And then mix that with alcohol and water to make almond extract. Ah,

Molly 11:00

so how do they extract it? How do they what do they do with the pit to get the flavor they crush it? they crush

Matthew Amster-Burton 11:07

it and press the oil out and then there's some there's some process that they use to like purify and detoxify the oil. Okay, refine it, I guess is the word

Molly 11:17

and Is this what we call almond oil. Almond coming from stone fruit pit?

Matthew Amster-Burton 11:22

Yeah, so you can you can call your oil like you know the FDA allows you can call it almond extract. And you can call it almond oil. If it's made from bitter amens and technically bitter almonds are some kind of almond or some kind of stone fruit pit. Either of those can be called bitter almonds.

Molly 11:38

What an interesting sleight of hand. Yeah, right. Fascinating. But

Matthew Amster-Burton 11:41

the thing is, like a peach and an almond are almost the same species. I mean, they're the same genus. Yeah,

Molly 11:48

I get it. And you know, when I think about, for instance, when I make apricots jam, I don't know if I gave you a jar of the apricot jam I made last summer I've now made it two summers in a row. So I make the jam formula that I've been making for a long time. But I have started doing this slight tweak on it that I learned about from semi nosrat in the New York Times where I take So again, we're talking about apricots jam, I take the pits of the apricots, I crushed them so I pull the so then like the outer husk of the pit comes off and kernel out which looks like a tiny like Marcona Omen, right. And then you toast it in a hot oven to apparently deactivate the toxin in the kernel which is cyanide. Okay, great. And then you collect all those all those little kernels and put them in cheesecloth and you simmer that little cheese cloth pouch in your upper cut jam as its as it simmer ice. And so what I found is I think if you were to taste a jar of this jam compared to my usual apricots jam they're in always the same except one has

Matthew Amster-Burton 13:00

the one sack of pits in the jar one has

Molly 13:03

a sack of pits in the jar. No but it does have this slight like slight allmand floral fragrance like it's like almonds and like like the smell of cherry blossoms sort of I know I'm sounding like a wine writer now. Hey,

Matthew Amster-Burton 13:20


Molly 13:21

I'm a wine writer now guys I've reinvented myself in this lockdown Oh, wine writer but what I do is I just describe jam.

Matthew Amster-Burton 13:28

Okay, like I was gonna ask you like what are what are like three three of your top cabs that have good structure?

Molly 13:34

Oh man, my favorite one

Matthew Amster-Burton 13:36

shall oak

Molly 13:39

I just love so I have a friend I will not say what this person's name is

Matthew Amster-Burton 13:47

first name is Charles

Molly 13:49

this person used to always by Charles Shaw. And we would go over to this person's house for dinner and they would offer some wine and then they would pour it and I mean I cannot tell you how bad this wine was and like I am not somebody who spends a lot of money online but anyway no

Matthew Amster-Burton 14:07

no you're a wine writer.

Molly 14:08

So here is my my hot take on Charles shock two thumbs down.

Matthew Amster-Burton 14:13

Okay so so your your HUD tags the $2 wide is not great.

Molly 14:18

Yeah, okay, but back But back to the apricots kernels It is amazing how much almond fragrance comes off these things when they come out of the oven.

Matthew Amster-Burton 14:27

Oh yeah, we

Molly 14:27

did them and then even you know Yeah, as I said it comes through in the jam anyway so I don't know why I'm acting all surprised that you can take the kernels of stone fruits and press them and call that all Monday extract but it because it's true it's amazing how much it smells like almond extract

Matthew Amster-Burton 14:44

many years ago we're back to memory lane now I've traipsed off like I'm having we've

Molly 14:50

been to so many places on this episode.

Matthew Amster-Burton 14:52

Yeah, many years ago, our friend chef Dana crea Yeah, like I we we like had a party at her house. And what The thing she made was I can't remember if it was like a mousse or like an ice cream but it was made with cherry pits and like like like a cream that you like infused with with cherry pits which which are also in the same family but are much bigger pain in the ass to extract because they're so small and you need so many of them.

Molly 15:21

Was it really all Monday? Like? Yeah, cherry.

Matthew Amster-Burton 15:24

Very cool.

Molly 15:26

Okay, so Matthew, is there anything else you want to tell me about about almond extract?

Matthew Amster-Burton 15:31

No, like I couldn't I couldn't find any any like, you know corporate intrigue or did you did you know like almond extract extract extract almond extract was was found like you know in the tomb of King Todd or something historical like we sometimes come up with it's like, you know, I think probably using pits to to extract an almond flavor is in a pretty old practice, but almond extract and like, you know, extracts themselves I think are relatively industrial.

Molly 16:02

Hmm. Okay, so Matthew, what is this cookie that you made that we can't have any of

Matthew Amster-Burton 16:07

Okay, well, let me grab it so I can hold it up so you can see the cookie. Okay, so these are called almond meltaway cookies. It's it's a frosted cookie.

Molly 16:16

Okay, is it? Oh, I see. Now I couldn't tell if it was kind of like a Moran. Yes.

Matthew Amster-Burton 16:20

I don't know where my camera is. There it is.

Molly 16:23

There it is. Okay. It looks like kind of a lumpy sugar cookie when the white frosting

Matthew Amster-Burton 16:31

Yeah, I did a bad job of shaping these cookies. I can tell it said to like roll them into a ball. But then my hands got kind of greasy. And that it said to smash the ball with the bottom of a glass when it was sticking to the bottom of the glass.

Molly 16:43

So they have a they have a chewy texture. They

Matthew Amster-Burton 16:46

have kind of a fall apart texture. Like you know there's not not a lot of chew to them. And they have a little bit of like kind of, you know, cookie dough texture to them as you bake. So only for like eight minutes.

Molly 16:57

And how are they do you recommend these cookies? Oh

Matthew Amster-Burton 16:59

yeah, we'll post a link to the recipe there they're very tasty and a lot of almond extract there's like you know a teaspoon and a half or two teaspoons in the cookies and like a teaspoon and a half in the glaze. Maybe some like that.

Molly 17:11

Oh my gosh, that sounds fantastic. Yeah,

Matthew Amster-Burton 17:13

so at this rate like in just like 15 more years or so we will have used up this bottle of almond extract which by the way, like it never goes bad like even though it's 10 years old, it's fine.

Molly 17:22

Well as soon as we are out of lockdown, I'm coming over and I'm taking at least half of that bottle you're

Matthew Amster-Burton 17:27

gonna siphon it off the way you've been stealing gas from my truck.

Molly 17:30

I am so what we always make and how we wind up going through almond extract so quickly is So Amanda has her her you know sort of breakout book was called cooking for Mr. Lot. I

Matthew Amster-Burton 17:43

haven't thought about this book in so many years. I'm sorry.

Molly 17:46

million years ago, this was I remember this was Gosh, was this the very early 2000s Yeah. To 2003 kind of thing. This is a it's a food memoir, with recipes. It has a lot of really great recipes. Absolutely. I mean Amanda has her just has such a classic style. Anyway, this cake it she just calls it an almond cake. And as I recall I don't have it right in front of me the recipe she got it from her mother in law.

Matthew Amster-Burton 18:16

Okay and

Molly 18:18

is from Tad's mom Mr. lattes mom, it is one of those cakes that is really ugly. you bake it in a springform pan, and it looks like it's going to be a totally normal kind of beautiful golden topped cake when you pull it out

Matthew Amster-Burton 18:32

then then surprise

Molly 18:33

then it collapses like it. crater. I want to

Matthew Amster-Burton 18:38

try this. This sounds great.

Molly 18:40

Yeah, so it's got a really wonderful batter. The batter has sour cream, sour cream, egg yolks, or maybe whole eggs. I can't remember at this moment butter obviously a whole tube of almond paste. So that's like I think a seven ounce tube of almond pay. Oh wow. Plus almond extract.

Matthew Amster-Burton 18:59

I mean, that sounds fun. Because like, you know when I was a kid I always wanted to like squeeze the whole tube of toothpaste and that's very wasteful but if you like squeeze it into a cake, then that's good. I mean don't squeeze toothpaste into Okay, I mean almond paste. Yeah,

Molly 19:11

well you can't really squeeze almond paste Matthew it's sort of the texture of like slightly dried out playdough

Matthew Amster-Burton 19:16

Yeah, so

Molly 19:18

you you crumble it into the cake batter as the as the mixers going anyway, but you can imagine the texture you get in this finished cake especially the fudgy part in the middle that's kind of collapsed. Yes.

Matthew Amster-Burton 19:30


Molly 19:31

I you know, I have to say the one thing that I've probably our household is probably made this cake 20 times it is I have to say I'm very happy about this. Ash loves this cake so much that they decided to learn how to make this cake which is a really big deal because ash had never baked a cake before

Matthew Amster-Burton 19:53

and how did it go beautifully.

Molly 19:55

So this was the first cake ash ever learned how to make and Ash now is the official almond cake Baker in our house. And I love it because usually I'm the the baker of all things in our house and I just love that like ash loves this cake so much that they will just like spontaneously bacon almond cake.

Matthew Amster-Burton 20:17

I love that. And I love that it's a cake that doesn't have to look pretty because like that's always the thing I worry about when I'm baking something like you know, maybe maybe this is gonna come out looking like lumpy but this is supposed to be lumpy.

Molly 20:28

No, this this cake seriously, it's supposed to fall in the middle. It's like a fallen souffle in a situation. And the other thing is, I think that the original recipe says to dust it with powdered sugar before you serve it. I've never done that we just embrace the like, you know, the the simplicity of it. This cake is amazing. And oh, what I was gonna say though, is I think it calls for like a teaspoon or maybe a teaspoon and a half of almond extract in the batter. And we actually use a tiny bit less, which shocks me, but I find that between the almond paste and the almond extract, it leaves a little bit of a aftertaste in my mouth if we use the full amount of extract. So we use a little bit less. Okay,

Matthew Amster-Burton 21:11

I'm definitely gonna make this I assume this recipe is online or I can dig up a copy of cookies, or latte.

Molly 21:16

I think I wrote about it a million years ago on orangette.

Matthew Amster-Burton 21:20

Right, let's link to one of your old blog posts.

Unknown Speaker 21:22


Molly 21:30

We'll post a link to that recipe. Please don't please don't read my blog post.

Matthew Amster-Burton 21:34

I just read it. It was great.

Molly 21:35

Oh, God.

Matthew Amster-Burton 21:40

Okay, okay. Can we go back to the cookie recipe for a minute? Because I didn't credit it and I need to because oh, there's so yeah, he's talking about, which is this recipe is from Leanne Wilks, who is a cookbook writer and her blog, which is called your home based mom. Wait,

Molly 21:58

is there is there a different kind of mom? Like your work based mom?

Matthew Amster-Burton 22:03

Well, I guess I guess like your work wife. Maybe

Molly 22:07

you can have a work mom.

Matthew Amster-Burton 22:09

Maybe you could have a work mom.

Molly 22:11

Am I your work mom? Matthew?

Matthew Amster-Burton 22:12

I don't think of you that way. But if you want to you

Molly 22:15

know my your work wife? I think so. You're You're my You're my work, daddy. Oh, I

Matthew Amster-Burton 22:20

don't like that at all.

Molly 22:21

You're my

Matthew Amster-Burton 22:25

zoom says we're out of time. Sorry. Gotta go forever. Wait, I have a question that may or may not be related to these nicknames. Which is if you were nicknamed after a beverage like Mr. latte what would your nickname be? My Mr. ice water.

Molly 22:44

That is hot.

Matthew Amster-Burton 22:46

It's literally not.

Molly 22:48

I think I would be I don't know.

Matthew Amster-Burton 22:52

I don't know. Okay. Well, I don't I mean, you're a wine writer. So I think oh, call you. what's what's like a fancy wine, Ms. Shadow. Oh, no. I'm so turn.

Molly 23:07

Yes. I'm a dessert wine.

Matthew Amster-Burton 23:08

And you You are a tall drink of dessert wine. I've always said that.

Molly 23:13

Ah, yes. I love my dessert wine tall

Matthew Amster-Burton 23:17

and you'd like a beer Stein? freshing.

Molly 23:19

Oh, yes. Yeah. with ice. Yep. to the rim. Yes. Okay, so we've established that you're my work, dad.

Matthew Amster-Burton 23:27

Why? Why do I have to go through this?

I did. You're my home based mom. take them

Molly 23:38

home base. I mean, I mean, my own closet right now. Right? Okay, hold on. So hold on. Matthew, what else do you do with all my next job? Obviously

Matthew Amster-Burton 23:48

nothing or I wouldn't have a completely full bottle after 10 years.

Molly 23:52

But I think it's interesting that the first thing you thought of was cookies, because I always think of cake. Like even like quick bread type cakes.

Matthew Amster-Burton 24:00

Well, I'm neither much of a cake eater nor a cake Baker. And so what I did was, I think I went to taste of home and found an article like 34 recipes that use almond extract, we can link to that as well. And I looked through and I stopped at the first thing I'm like, okay, I can make this it's a cookie. And so I made that and it was good.

Molly 24:19

Cool. I see here on the agenda that you one of the items is compound butter.

Matthew Amster-Burton 24:26

Well yeah, I saw I think probably on that same list. There was a recipe for like, you know, honey, like honey and almond butter. And you can like put it on a biscuit. I thought that sounded good.

Molly 24:35

I do. I guess that does sound good. When I think of compound butter. I tend to think of like blue cheese butter melting on top of a state Yeah, I know or like you know parsley and herbs and shit. Yeah, but you can you can shake and smush anything into butter. That's true. So almond extract all the way. What about Oh, when you guys make coconut macaroons because it doesn't wait for the show. Laurie sometimes make coconut macaroon occasionally. Just wait for the show Laurie put put almond extract

Matthew Amster-Burton 25:03

well I don't think so. But when we were talking about it we decided it was a good idea and we're going to do that sometime soon if we can get our hands on so dried coconut which we're currently out of, Okay, do you make coconut macaroons and if so do you put almond extract in them

Molly 25:16

I there was a period in my life when I was really into coconut macaroons and I frequently made them at home and I would do like a chocolate Gosh, drizzle on top. Sure. I think there's a recipe in my first book for that actually. But I've never put almond extract in

Matthew Amster-Burton 25:34

them. It sounds good though. Right?

Molly 25:36

It sounds really good. It sounds really like candy bars

Matthew Amster-Burton 25:39

Let's do it. Let's make a pact right now that some day You and I are going to make coconut macaroons with almond extract some someday

Molly 25:47

Yes. Pinky swear. Yeah. Okay, well Matthew should we talk about any other extracts? Yeah, I

Matthew Amster-Burton 25:54

think we should all man just briefly I know this is our almond extract episode but I don't think we're ever going to do like a you know a coconut extract episode maybe maybe another 10 years from now when I will have used another two teaspoons of almond extract. But But for now like the other the other non vanilla extract that we do use regularly is meant and we use it for flavoring whipped cream for making icebox cake and that is fantastic.

Molly 26:18

Is it like a peppermint extract like you would put in like peppermint bark. So

Matthew Amster-Burton 26:23

that is a good question and is also a good segue into our next segment because I looked up What are all of the extracts that McCormick the largest maker of extracts makes and oh there was gonna give me a quiz. Yeah, there was meant to extract and there was peppermint extract. So I don't know if meant to extract means like spearmint extract.

Molly 26:43

Which one do you think you have?

Matthew Amster-Burton 26:45

I think so if I had to guess I would say like when when we recently had an icebox cake. I think it was spearmint flavored. Not peppermint flavored, but I'm not sure. I don't know if I can always tell the difference. Well, I

Molly 26:57

picture I think about the flavor of like mint chip ice cream as being a bit different from the flavor of like a peppermint ice cream. Yeah,

Matthew Amster-Burton 27:06

me too.

Molly 27:07

So I think maybe that's the difference.

Matthew Amster-Burton 27:09

The one is ice cream flavored and one is peppermint bark flavor.

Unknown Speaker 27:14

Yeah. Okay, so

Molly 27:15

that's exactly right.

Matthew Amster-Burton 27:16

Are you ready for the quiz? Okay, so I looked at as I said, I went to the McCormick spice and extract concern website. And I was very concerned because there is a big list of all the extracts they make and I'm gonna give you a review list and some of these are real and some of them are things I made up. Ready. Ready. Number one cake batter. real real? Maybelline false. No, it's real. And I want you to right now Google Maple lean because the packaging is amazing. It is imitation Maple extract. There's also non imitation Maple extract.

Molly 27:50


Matthew Amster-Burton 27:52

How do you spell michelini? Ma? PLEIN e? Or maybe it's my plan.

Molly 27:58

Oh, what is this? My plan?

Matthew Amster-Burton 28:02

Is it the packaging gorgeous.

Molly 28:04

Hold on. First it pulled up a different company. Oh, it's like very old school. extremely old school. Oh, wow. It seems it says Christian brand.

Matthew Amster-Burton 28:14

Yeah. So McCormick has a couple of you know house brands like they they make Baker's imitation vanilla extract. That's a McCormick

Molly 28:22

Okay. Wow, this packaging is lovely. I wonder if this is only sold in certain markets because possibly I'm gonna look for it someday. Okay. Okay. May Pauline may plain

Matthew Amster-Burton 28:35

rootbeer. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 28:36

Ah, yeah,

Matthew Amster-Burton 28:38

real true. Carrot Cake. False. Correct. Anis. Oh, a real? Yes. Cinnamon Roll.

Molly 28:45

I'm afraid it's real. I want it to be false, but I think it's real false.

Matthew Amster-Burton 28:49

Oh, avocado.

Molly 28:50

Oh, fake fake.

Matthew Amster-Burton 28:52

Butter. Real peanut butter. Real? It's fake. But I felt like it should be real. Yeah, prune. Yeah, fake fake. Banana. Real. Yep. Movie popcorn. Oh, I

Molly 29:08

think that's probably real. No, I

Matthew Amster-Burton 29:10

made it up but I kind of want it Ah,

Molly 29:12

that sounds terrible. Rum. Every

Matthew Amster-Burton 29:16

Yeah. Real pumpkin pie. Real? Yes. Well done.

Molly 29:19

Thank you. Thank you.

Matthew Amster-Burton 29:23

So I guess I guess we're now on we're calling you Ms. rootbeer extract

Molly 29:29

if there is one of those that seems most offensive to me, it's the the butter extract like there's some and maybe the maple there's something about imitation butter flavor and imitation Maple flavor that both just like really don't. I don't like them.

Matthew Amster-Burton 29:44

Yeah, I mean, in principle, I agree. But on the other hand, like I sometimes I like like fake, you know, butter flavor movie popcorn. And sometimes I like fake maple syrup.

Molly 29:54

So I never like fake maple syrup. I'll give you the movie theater popcorn. I like that. To

Matthew Amster-Burton 30:00

know but if I'm it like like an eye hop like I will slather on that fake syrup oh I

Molly 30:05

I will not I don't like that stuff but it may be if I stay here in my closet long enough everything will start to seem really appealing to me so let's see I mean today is what may 7 yep is when this show's gonna go live I don't know how long do you think we might be here Matthew?

Matthew Amster-Burton 30:23

Oh like here in your closet

Molly 30:25

here in my closet taping the taping from my closet.

Matthew Amster-Burton 30:29

Oh while yeah so I don't know let's check back in in July and see how I'm feeling about fake Maple flavor. Your odd somewhat somewhat remind us like I won't even set a reminder one of our listeners is going to remind us in July like how how are things going with the with the fake maple syrup situation?

Molly 30:46

Okay, great. And they'll probably also ask if we've made our coconut macaroons with almond extract yet true.

Matthew Amster-Burton 30:52

And they might call you Mrs. Butterworth

Molly 30:55

they might call me Mrs. Butterworth they are gonna be super excited to read my new book of wine reviews. Oh man now I thought

Matthew Amster-Burton 31:06

Oh, is it gonna be like just like a like a Robert Parker guide only it's gonna be only is going to be you and you're going to be giving ratings out of 100 or is it gonna be more like a you know that guy from from gourmet magazine who would write like essays about wine? I haven't

Molly 31:19

decided yet. Stay tuned. A lot of it'll probably also be about jam. Okay, yeah, I

Matthew Amster-Burton 31:25

want I don't want you to go for the essays and I want it to be like an essay about wine. An essay about jam. essay, an essay about jelly baby.

Molly 31:35

An essay about my closet.

Matthew Amster-Burton 31:37

Yeah, like Molly had to step out for a minute and like and well while she did I screenshotted her closet and I'm gonna post it on what's that? Like? rent the runway.com

Unknown Speaker 31:50


Matthew Amster-Burton 31:52

Yeah, let's make some money. We need to make some money and we're gonna do it by renting out stuff from Molly's closet so so check out Instagram at spilled milk podcast for that that screenshot well I have like Photoshop in some price tags on their

Molly 32:06

you know my bathrobe is really soft and fuzzy.

Matthew Amster-Burton 32:09

Yeah, but but like let's be real like remember the like the the cosplay person who was like selling her bathwater and people were drinking it and getting very sick. Maybe you didn't know.

Molly 32:21

Why have we ever done

Matthew Amster-Burton 32:22

that? Well, that's what I'm saying. Like if you rented out like a robe that you wore, like fresh out of the shower, you know, some some pervert would definitely pay for that.

Molly 32:32

Wow, I just I'm endlessly appreciative of the variety of human life.

Matthew Amster-Burton 32:41

Okay, so alright, so you can you can find us online at spilled milk bathwater is Bill bathwater. podcast.com where you can for $350 you can buy our bathwater. Now that would be that'd be way too little it'd be way too little and also like it's literally the opposite of good social distancing practice to send some bathwater

Molly 33:06

although Matthew we have shared bathwater before. Should we remind our listeners of that? Oh, yeah,

Matthew Amster-Burton 33:11

but that was a long time ago.

Molly 33:12

That was a long time ago. We haven't done it during

Matthew Amster-Burton 33:14

but we are so looking forward to the day when we can once again share it. All right, so uh, you can find us at I already mentioned our Instagram ads build no podcast facebook.com slash build now podcast like where you can tell us about your extracts? Do you like fake maple syrup? What do you what do you put almond extract in? Have you ever have you ever roasted a pit Can you ever hung out at the peach pit which show was the peach pit on was at 9021902? No,

Molly 33:42

you know I think we've probably put this out there on on spilled milk before but were you more of like like a Jason Priestley person or a Luke Perry person show? Okay, so

Matthew Amster-Burton 33:52

Luke Perry was like the the intriguing bad boy. Right? Yeah. So so like, I think it would be like more interested in the Luke Perry character. But like me myself. I'm definitely more of a Jason Priestley, who likes to think of himself as a Luke Perry but incorrectly

Molly 34:09

you're totally Jason Perry. Jason.

Matthew Amster-Burton 34:11

Oh, Jason Perry.

Molly 34:14

Wow, I just invented a new hybrid character.

Matthew Amster-Burton 34:17

Oh, wow. I think I don't think you invented that hybrid character. I think. I think those two have gotten married in fanfiction many, many, many times.

Molly 34:28

This is like when June does something and then thinks that she's invented it like yeah, Mama, do you think anyone has ever let their ice cream melt and stir it up and call it soup? Mama,

Unknown Speaker 34:41

do you think

Matthew Amster-Burton 34:42

like this is I mean, it's a good idea.

Molly 34:46

It is. I had to break it to her though. I've done that hundreds of

Matthew Amster-Burton 34:50

Yeah, it's I love that so much when I was a kid like there was definitely like a period when I was a kid when like I would 100% of the time do that with ice cream like smoosh it with the spoon. Until I get the process going, so satisfying. Absolutely. All right. Okay. So until next time, our producer is Abby Sir catella not next time our producer will also be Abby circuit telling God I hope so. Until next time, thank you for listening to spilled milk, your home based podcast.

Molly 35:19

I'm Molly weissenberg.

Matthew Amster-Burton 35:20

And I'm Matthew Amster-Burton.

here's here's my pinky. Yay.