534: Mimosas

Molly 0:04

I'm Molly.

Matthew Amster-Burton 0:05

And I'm Matthew.

Molly 0:06

And this is spilled milk, the show where we cook something delicious. Eat it all and you can't have any.

Matthew Amster-Burton 0:11

And today we're talking about Momo says, Yes,

Molly 0:15

it is a Monday morning at 10:14am. Wine o'clock, wine o'clock. Matthew and I are still recording remotely. And and we're going to talk about mimosas and I forgot to get Mimosa ingredients, but Matthew is going to drink alone in the studio.

Matthew Amster-Burton 0:33

That's right. Do I need to stir this? No,

Molly 0:36

I don't think it's usually stirred. I mean, well, you know what, this brings me straight to my memory lane. Which is that? So I've never been a big going out for brunch person.

Matthew Amster-Burton 0:45

No, me neither.

Molly 0:46

But I have attended a fair number of like, events that happen in the morning. like,

Matthew Amster-Burton 0:55

Whoa, that sounds that sounds really like euphemistic. I guess like, yeah, it happened in the morning. No, I mean, like, it's like my monthly visitor.

Molly 1:06

Oh, it's like, you know, I'm like a bridal lunch like Bora wedding.

Matthew Amster-Burton 1:12

That's what brunch, right? A lunch or, or

Molly 1:15

a baby shower sometimes happens at like 11am. Sure. And at those they're there at these events. Perhaps you have heard listener, there are often these drinks called mimosas. And I think of it as being a really casual thing where somebody like says a bottle of Prosecco out on like, you know, the breakfast bar and and then there's a carton of orange juice next to it and a whole bunch of cups. And you just go and you mix your own. And so there is no stirring, no shaking. It's just

Matthew Amster-Burton 1:45

okay, I have an important question because I want to start making myself one right now. And I realized, I do not know the answer to this. Which one should I pour into the glass first?

Molly 1:54

Oh, man, I'm inclined to think you should pour the champagne or that sparkling wine first. I think we should look this up though. I'm going to look up a mimosa recipe. Okay,

Matthew Amster-Burton 2:06

yeah, look up a mimosa recipe. Because my

Molly 2:08

feeling is that you should do the sparkling wine first because you want to get the bubbles out of the way so that you know you want you want it to do it's bubbling and it's falling. So I see okay, exactly how much you've got. Get

Matthew Amster-Burton 2:24

those bubbles out of the way. Okay, yeah, I'm gonna I'm just gonna go you look it up. And I'm gonna go ahead and do that. Good.

Molly 2:29

Okay, so people say it should be equal parts champagne and orange juice.

Matthew Amster-Burton 2:33

Yeah, so then other people of course, disagree. Okay.

Molly 2:37

Let's see people also say that you should ensure both ingredients are well chilled. Then mix into the glass. It should be stirred not shaken. I mean, yeah,

Matthew Amster-Burton 2:47

obvious. Okay, that was about equal parts. I'm not gonna shake it or stir it.

Molly 2:51

Okay, here's the blog love and lemons, which I've heard of before. Very pretty blog. Let's look at this here. Let's see. He's good. Yes. This blog says you do the wine first. Okay, great. Yeah, yeah. Okay, so Matthew, do you feel like you did about equal parts?

Matthew Amster-Burton 3:09

I do. And how is it? It's delicious. What do you expect?

Molly 3:13

What kind of orange juice did you go for?

Matthew Amster-Burton 3:15

It's the Tropicana. No pulp. Okay. Okay, nice. Probably Probably my favorite supermarket orange juice.

Molly 3:22

Okay, well, we're we're off to a great start. So Matthew, now that you are imbibing? Yeah, let's go down memory lane. Now and lubricated.

Matthew Amster-Burton 3:31

Right. So I know I know that I have like, ordered one of these at a brunch in the past. I know this has happened more than one. Well, I think it was when like, everyone was getting them. Oh, peer pressure, you know, you know what? So so it was like, like a brunch, happy hour or something. I don't remember when this would have happened. But I feel like there was like some time in like the 2000s. Maybe the early 2000s that like I went to like a brunch, Happy Hour type of thing when people were like, it was like, you know, you know, half off mimosas. So everyone got them? Did this really happen? Or was this an episode of Sex in the City that I watched? I don't know. Who cares?

Molly 4:05

You know, it's an interesting thing. And maybe we can talk more about this in a minute. But there are so many cocktails where you know, it really matters that you have high quality ingredients, right? If you use like a not very good whiskey in your whiskey sour or in your Manhattan, it's just not gonna taste as

Matthew Amster-Burton 4:26

good. I once made margaritas with like the cheapest triple sec you can buy. And I was like, why does this taste so bad?

Molly 4:34

Yeah, it's really it's really remarkable. My cousin and her husband. Were traveling around the around Washington State not too many years ago and they bought a bottle of some sort of Washington State made whiskey and left it in my like liquor cabinet. And I have opened it up and smelled it a couple times. I mean, I love the state that I live in, but I don't usually buy Washington State whiskey and And the smell of that bottle is why like interesting not when I think it has something to do with our oak barrels let's really go deep on this

Matthew Amster-Burton 5:10

my oak barrels smell amazing Thank you very much I posted them myself

Molly 5:15

so all this said I can't imagine anybody getting out a bottle of like really great champagne.

Matthew Amster-Burton 5:22

I was thinking I was gonna look at the Safeway this morning and see if they had like one of those little bottles of like the CoCo or mo added Shan Dong or something just just to like torment you with it but they didn't seem like what I got was a can of house wine brand brute bubbles

Molly 5:41

I'm going to make an uneducated guess here which is that a mimosa is probably not one of those drinks that you want to really shell out for the most expensive sparkling Yeah, I doubt it but I do think that said I think that the orange juice is going to make a difference like I don't think I would want the minute made reconstituted like frozen orange juice Canis although

Matthew Amster-Burton 6:02

I mean that's kind of good too. It's good in its own way.

Molly 6:06

I enjoy it when I am served that stuff but I don't know if I want that with spire there was

Matthew Amster-Burton 6:10

like, I feel like there used to be it used to be easier to get shitty orange juice and like orange juice. production technology has improved because like I can still remember like the the flavor of like bad orange juice that I had as a kid and I don't I like haven't run into that in a long time.

Molly 6:28

Did you ever go to summer camp as a kid like sleepaway camp? No. Okay, so I was gonna say, you know, clingy, like it made reconstituted orange juice is a like, ubiquitous flavor for me of summer camps as a child.

Matthew Amster-Burton 6:45

You know, I think we talked about this on a previous episode, but my mom used to give me and my brother's spoonfuls of concentrate directly out of the minute made frozen concentrate. We loved it. It was like a special treat.

Molly 6:57

I've never had that. I would love to try it. Yeah, I'm

Matthew Amster-Burton 7:00

sure it's still good. Well, so

Molly 7:01

you know, I hope our listeners will remember my mentioning my childhood friend Jennifer and her mom Linda with her big plastic glasses out by the pool and the want the wine with with ice cubes in the franzia wine and her fridge. Linda always had minute made concentrate. And so I remember mixing up a batch of it at Jennifer's house, but I didn't. It never occurred. You

Matthew Amster-Burton 7:24

know, you know what it is? It's like cheapass sorbet. Yeah, right. That's kind of brilliant. Yeah, cuz I also like I haven't made a smoothie in a long time, but I used to make smoothies with frozen strawberries, orange juice, concentrate, banana and milk. Maybe? Uh huh. That seems plausible, right? Yeah, yeah, that would turn into a smoothie if you blended it. Okay, well, but this is not the orange juice concentrate episode. This is the most episode Yeah, so let's let's talk about this. So I have one more bit of memory lane that I want to get out. Get out. Like you know, before we go any further, I need to get this off my chest. But my main association with mimosas is that years ago I think on the podcast stopped podcasting yourself or maybe another random comedy podcast. Someone made a joke that the word Mimosa was short for midmorning sangria. And I have thought about this, like at least once a month and probably more ever since. I just thought it was one of the funniest things I've ever heard.

Molly 8:23

I love that week. Were they saying it like seriously not at all.

Matthew Amster-Burton 8:28

Intended as a joke, but clearly the person who came up with it if someone came up with it on the spot, it was very proud of themselves. Oh, it's great, deservedly so.

Molly 8:36

I love it. So Matthew, for the listeners who may never have had a mid morning sangria, aka mimosa, tell us about it.

Matthew Amster-Burton 8:45

Okay, so I did a little research into the history of the mimosa. And this is fraught because it's

Molly 8:52

I thought that word was gonna end duh, this is

Matthew Amster-Burton 8:55

fraud. This is fraudulent I just read like this isn't by now but well, but I just read an amazing book about fraud that I recommend to everybody who's like, interested in like nerdy nerdy crime stuff, like any other books that put together like crime and nerdery in this way. And I think it's called I think it's called lying about money but I'm going to look it up because I really enjoyed this book lying for money by Dan Davies.

Molly 9:24

Okay, how did you hear about it?

Matthew Amster-Burton 9:25

I think I was just like looking for new stuff on the library website. nonfiction. Yeah. Although although I'll take fiction also. But this man, this book, like the writing is good. And like there's so much so much good stuff about like, historical frauds and modern frauds and like why it's hard to get away with fraud or why people keep trying it anyway. It's yeah, anyway, there is not as far as I know any fraud involved in the history of the Mimosa but who knows? But I can say for sure there is definitely no consensus on who invented it because it is literally just orange juice. Since sparkling wine, so like, you know, there are some claims of course if and I'm going to go through them because that's what we do. So first off, there is a similar drink called the Bucks Fizz that is associated with the Bucks club in London, which is a gentlemen's club, and it was allegedly invented there in 1921. The bucks club still exists at 18 Clifford street so if you're in London, check it out. The Bucks Fizz is two parts champagne, one part orange juice, so a little more on the champagne side than than a typical mimosa. Okay, a number of sources credit the mimosa, including the name to Frank Meyer at the Ritz Carlton in Paris in 1925. However, Meyer published a cocktail book in like the early 30s and included a mimosa recipe and did not take credit for it. That was given as evidence that probably he didn't invent it, because why wouldn't you take credit for it?

Molly 10:54

Maybe he's just a really like, sharing kind of guy.

Matthew Amster-Burton 10:59

Yeah, maybe maybe he's modest? Yeah. The Oxford Companion to American food and drink claims that Alfred Hitchcock was the person who popularized the Mimosa as a brunch drink in the US. It is clear that Alfred Hitchcock was a big fan of mimosas. Some sources even say that Alfred Hitchcock invented the most.

Molly 11:17

You know what I'm really bummed though, that we don't call the Moses Alfred Hitchcock's like Arnold Palmer has the Arnold Palmer. Why don't we just go ahead and make the Alfred Hitchcock.

Matthew Amster-Burton 11:28

Okay, I'm fine with calling this the Alfred Hitchcock until I finish it.

Molly 11:32

I don't know why the Arnold Palmer rolls off my tongue easier than the Alfred Hitchcock.

Matthew Amster-Burton 11:37

It's because he has he has such a if I knew anything about golf, I'd make a joke about golf. Like Like he's he's got like a smooth swing or something and that's why it rolls off. It's

Molly 11:47

got like a nice wedge.

Matthew Amster-Burton 11:49

He's got Nivea the Arnold Palmer has a really nice wedge.

Molly 11:53

Okay, but wait Hang on. I'm really intrigued by was the Mimosa always thought of as something to drink during the daylight hours?

Matthew Amster-Burton 12:02

No, I mean, it was it did seem to be like something you would drink like by the pool at a at a hotel or something but also but also that you would order like in the evening at the hotel

Molly 12:13

bar. Interesting. That's really interesting.

Matthew Amster-Burton 12:16

I don't know that's a good question. I don't know when it migrated into being seen as a as a brunch beverage, presumably because it has orange juice in it. Yeah, right. Other sources say that it was popularized by the British royal family during the 60s when they were like seeing ostentatiously enjoying them.

Molly 12:31

Oh god, I endeavor to never be seen ostentatiously enjoying anything.

Matthew Amster-Burton 12:37

Oh, but I That's That's all I want to do.

Molly 12:40

I was patiently enjoying things. Yeah, I

Matthew Amster-Burton 12:43

want there to be an Instagram devoted to like candid shots of me ostentatiously enjoying things

Molly 12:49

it would be like the opposite of the photo of Keanu that was going around. sad sad, lately. Yeah, sad Keanu. This would be like ostentatiously enjoyment or ostentatious enjoyment Matthew

Matthew Amster-Burton 13:01

right so it'd be like Get a load of like how much this guy is enjoying this this like hot dog? Hot Dog gonna care at his heart

Molly 13:13

Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Yeah. Like express this enjoyment? Like if you if you were captured sitting on like a curb eating a hot dog.

Matthew Amster-Burton 13:24

Would this be a still photo? Or like a short video? Because video? Huh?

Molly 13:31

But that could also look like hold on now. Let me just see if I can capture this right. Okay, so let's see. I'm going to eat a bite of hot dog and then what I go like but then stuff just look like something is is not quite right with me. If I'm just like, ah, after a hot dog.

Matthew Amster-Burton 13:52

Yeah, this is this is tough.

Molly 13:54

I don't know how to express enjoyment with

Matthew Amster-Burton 13:56

maybe there would be like a hot dog rapper. Yeah, like one of those little like, like hot dog boats. Like just empty sitting next to me. And I just look really satisfied.

Molly 14:07

I like, like a musician. Like, you

Matthew Amster-Burton 14:13

know, one of those rappers that specializes in songs about hot dogs. If you like spaghetti you're gonna love this.

Molly 14:23

Like the little John of

Matthew Amster-Burton 14:28

That's right. Yeah. Ballpark Frank's hired. Little do a whole album about hotdocs It's gonna be great.

Molly 14:36

Yeah, okay, okay, well, I'll be your height man for your new Instagram account. Okay,

Matthew Amster-Burton 14:41

yeah, so I think right so now now I've got what the idea is. So it's that I've already finished the food but the but the packaging is sitting next to me so you know what I ate and I just look really satisfied. Okay, okay, and then joined by each one by a rapper who is going to perform a song about the food I just ate. But I didn't share any with.

Molly 15:03

I take it back. I don't want to be the rapper. I feel like somebody else. No,

Matthew Amster-Burton 15:07

no, I don't see why you shouldn't be the rapper in this scenario it seems perfect. It's your it's it's I know it's been your dream job.

Molly 15:16

Okay, so hold on though I just want to say again what made you choose the phrase? The British royal family who enjoyed them ostentatiously in the 1960s?

Matthew Amster-Burton 15:27

I don't know. I think I read like that they were seen enjoying them and so I inferred that they must have been doing something ostentatious. I mean.

Molly 15:35

Ryan Payne glass around in the air, that's

Matthew Amster-Burton 15:38

literally their job is like doing things ostentatiously like remember when there was that royal wedding and people kept talking about hats, like, you know, the Duchess of so and so was wearing like a seven foot tall hat. Yeah. So it's inators fascinators. Right. So I assumed like they were treating their their mimosas and hot dogs as fascinators

Molly 15:57

I wonder if somebody has ever had a fascinator in the shape of a champagne glass and it was filled with orange juice. And sparkling wine,

Matthew Amster-Burton 16:04

I think is 100% chance. Okay. British royal family.

Molly 16:08

Come on over for mimosas. Oh, that's

Matthew Amster-Burton 16:11

right. Do you think we could get the British Royal Family on as a guest?

Molly 16:14

Yes. Yes. Yeah. I

Matthew Amster-Burton 16:17

mean, we probably couldn't get one of the big ones like, you know, like Franklin, or Chelsea or whatever. Well, I

Molly 16:24

think pretty much nobody's gonna want to talk to Prince Albert from now. Yeah, so whether or not Yeah, I mean, I don't I don't think I'm gonna want to talk to him either. Really? But it was

Matthew Amster-Burton 16:35

the one that that like was that was friends with Epstein. I mean, that was it. Andrew? Oh god, I think Prince Albert is like died like 100 years ago. Is in a camp where he belongs. He's been canceled. I want to talk to you right.

Molly 17:00

Prince Albert was the one who was we

Matthew Amster-Burton 17:03

thought it was Prince Albert we I am enjoying this cocktail.

Molly 17:12

Anyway. Hold on. Wait. Yeah, get Prince Andrew because nobody

Matthew Amster-Burton 17:16

else yeah. But not we could get you know how like you can like buy a lordship. Yes, we can get one of the people Yeah, it's Prince Andrew or and Prince Albert. Neither is welcome on our shop

I did divide and I wasn't quite sure what to make of this that in Spain, where where the Mimosa is often known as an agua de de Valencia.

Molly 17:52

Like a water of Valencia.

Matthew Amster-Burton 17:53

I'm glad I'm glad you're glad you're having having a good time even though you didn't get the cocktail ingredients for yourself. I do feel bad about that a little bit. Don't feel bad

Molly 18:02

for me is my problem wasn't yesterday, it was my fault.

Matthew Amster-Burton 18:06

I almost didn't because like I was gonna go to the store last night and it and then it was started raining a lot. This is an interesting story. Great story. Yeah, good. Okay, tell another interesting story. This is gonna be like the most interesting story you are the listeners ever.

Molly 18:22

Are you right now.

Matthew Amster-Burton 18:24

I'm like, you know, playing it up for the for the show. I mean, like more than not, because I'm like, I was super lightweight. And I And I've had like a fully a quarter of this can have sparkling wine. I last week, I mentioned like, I'm not going to stop talking about my tooth. I got it. I got a crown this first time and then I got the crown in now and it's great. Okay, and the dentist was so proud of himself that he asked if I could come back so that he could take photos to use on his website.

Molly 18:55

Is this a new dentist? Like Like, I mean, newly young guy.

Matthew Amster-Burton 18:59

I mean, are you his first patient or might be his first patient? Yeah. Okay. And he's very nice. So I said, Sure. And he said, what what can i What can I do for you in return? Like, you know, for your time? He said, Do you want like some whitening free whitening trays? And I was like, and not really. I said, You know what I could really use though. Like if you want to give me like a like a larger than usual amount of free floss, we would use that. And I told you this is gonna be an interesting story. You're getting compensated in floss. So I went this morning to get the pictures taken. So first of all, I'm going to be I'm going to be as I was modeling, like I'm a model now. Oh, you know what I mean? I do my little dance on the catwalk. The hygenist said and here's here's that floss and what they had and this may be related to supply chain issues. What's a bunch of little packets of like individual servings of fruit I've never seen before. I've never seen this before. It's like a little packet that looks like one of those salt packets kind of, and you tear it in half and like pull it out and like it pulls out into one 118 inch piece of laws. And I got maybe like maybe 25 of these.

Molly 20:19

It's more packaging than floss basically. Yeah. So you just got basically a three and a half week supply of floss.

Matthew Amster-Burton 20:26

Um, maybe less. No, I think that's about right. I don't floss twice a day.

Molly 20:32

How do you feel about it? Do you do you feel cheated? cheated? No,

Matthew Amster-Burton 20:35

because like, I was happy to help like I wanted I want my tooth to appear on the fresh smile website. Like that's, that just is really important that we get a link to it once it's up. I hope so. Like I don't know, like when, when they're going to put it up, but if we could, and so like I wanted to do it just just like to do it. But I was sort of hoping that I was gonna get like 10,000 meters of floss.

Molly 20:58

Well, yeah, I was kind of imagining that what you were gonna say, was kind of the opposite. Like, I have a giant spool of butchers twine in our chin. Like, just like, I'll have it hopefully. But to be fair, you do a lot of trusting. And I was hoping that that is what you were gonna get.

Matthew Amster-Burton 21:17

I know. Yes. I was. Yeah, what I wanted was like, like something like a regular flip top box of floss only like 100 times. Yeah. So okay, so that was that was like it was it was gratifying to be asked to be a tooth model and also a little bit disappointing. I hope I hope he doesn't listen to this. Okay, we need to talk about Spain because I kept finding references, but nothing that really seemed authoritative. That first of all that in Spain the most is often known as an agua de Valencia, because Valencia's where the oranges come from. And their cheese oranges. Right? It is. Yeah, it is alleged that because kava sparkling wine has been popular in Spain for centuries, and so have juice oranges, that it's inevitable that people have been baking mimosas in Spain for hundreds of years. At the same time, I did not find any actual, like historical evidence of this. But also I didn't look very hard. So if anybody knows about that, please get in touch contact. It's spelled mug podcast calm. Okay. So should we talk about some Mimosa variations?

Molly 22:25

Yeah, I don't know if I've ever had a variation. But I mean, obviously makes a lot of sense. I

Matthew Amster-Burton 22:30

don't I don't think I have either. But I found I found a fun list. So why don't we go through that? I didn't make a quiz. I probably should have. Okay. Okay, so the poinsettia is cranberry juice with champagne. That seems like a totally different cocktail. Not a mimosa variation. Right? A lot of these are going to

Molly 22:47

I mean, I don't know.

Matthew Amster-Burton 22:50

Because they're mostly going to be a totally different fruit juice and, and sparkling wine. Well, there's

Molly 22:56

another way to make a memo say and do a different cocktail. I mean, as far as I can tell,

Matthew Amster-Burton 23:02

I mean, we're going to get to one that's that's going to blow your mind. Oh, okay. Okay, I found multiple references to the mega most. Which is grapefruit juice and champagne. Why do you Why is it called the mega mo say you ask? Well, according to food 52 It's because quote, It was named after its founder, M Shepherd. So that that clears everything out. We'll pop right.

Molly 23:26

Where's it? Where's the G?

Matthew Amster-Burton 23:28

I don't know.

Molly 23:29

Is it Megan ship? Maybe

Matthew Amster-Burton 23:30

it's Megan Shepard. I did not make that. That makes sense. I don't know. Okay, go on. limosa lemonade and champagne. That does seem like a totally different job. And lemonade is such a different thing. Yeah. And the grand Mimosa which is a mimosa plus grandma's Yeah. Oh, that's the one that's gonna blow your mind. So consider a blown mind blown. Great. Wow. Okay. I also learned that you can buy a journal with a cover that says brilliant ideas I had well drinking mimosas. Like at a stationery supplies stationery supply store. Yeah, exactly. Not on Etsy. But at a like a, an industrial like B to B supply store B to B it's business to business. Yeah.

Molly 24:14

I've never heard that phrase that like, like cash and carry b2b cash and carries totally b2b. What else is b2b? That I don't know. Okay, Matthew, do you ever drink these other than like right now?

Matthew Amster-Burton 24:27

This is the first one I've had in a really long time. I think How about you? Have you ever make them at home? I never make them and I know you got a lot of baby showers and get them or make them at home.

Molly 24:36

I did have you know, I have like a distant variation on this. I mean, we're busy talking about anything being a variation on a memo. So I went out for brunch for the first time in like an actual million years. A couple weeks ago to a terrific neighborhood spot in Seattle last time.

Matthew Amster-Burton 24:55

You were on a date with a diplodocus

Molly 25:00

that dinosaur string is doing

Matthew Amster-Burton 25:05

it. Yeah, I think I think you're right. But like, look, there's still this much left. I've had less than a quarter of this can have wine. So like, like, Oh no, you're a third of a glass of wine so far basically like that. That's where I'm at in life. And it's fine.

Molly 25:20

That's great. It's great. Don't change. Anyway, so I decided that I wanted to just be wild and crazy. So I ordered a cup of coffee. And I can't pronounce what they called it, but it was like a morning cocktail. It was having coffee have champagne. It was grapefruit juice, sparkling wine, and app are all sort of like an Aperol Spritz, kind of

Matthew Amster-Burton 25:46

mimosa. Like a mimosa with a twist. It was delicious. Oh, wait

Molly 25:50

a minute. Wasn't Apple, it was a different MRL. But no, thank you say, Yeah, I got to get this right. No, but it was delicious. You know, or no, it was something I'd never heard of called like, bear toe. Okay, this is a great part of the show.

Matthew Amster-Burton 26:04

This is almost as interesting as my story about how I got free floss. Not very much. So Matthew, what's what's your favorite ratio? I don't know. I was gonna like experiment with different ratios, but I don't want to I don't want to. So I'm gonna say 5050.

Molly 26:23

Okay, that is the classic.

Matthew Amster-Burton 26:24

That's the class. Maybe you know what my PE ratio is? It's the golden ratio of like, one 1.618 to one. That the golden ratio. It gets close.

Molly 26:35

I don't remember. I'm thinking of aspect ratios.

Matthew Amster-Burton 26:39

Oh, yeah. My favorite ratio is is to two to three. Like that's kind of basic, more like 16 to nine. Okay, like I want like an ultra wide screen mimosa. Sorry, like none of this. None of this pan ID scan.

Molly 26:56

Okay, well, shall we? Shall we head into spilled mail.

Matthew Amster-Burton 27:00

Let's head into spelled bell because I think we've really run this into the ground.

We got this message from listener Corey, who writes, I just listened to your roasted veg episode and your roasting versus baking debate reminded me of a book I recently read that I think would make an excellent reference source for the podcast. Yes, I'm a librarian. It's what yeah, what's the difference? Recreational culinary reference for the curious and confused by Brett Warshaw.

Molly 27:31

Oh, Brett worship. Do you know, I know Brett Warshaw, formerly of food 52 I mean, I don't know she thinks she knows me. And anyway, Brent Warshaw was what's the difference started out as like a newsletter. Oh,

Matthew Amster-Burton 27:45

I'm really enjoying the book. It's terrific. Yeah. So lizard core goes on. It has a section on this very topic, big baking versus roasting, among others, like appetizers versus canopies versus hors d'oeuvres, which I think we've talked about barbecue versus grilling and cornmeal versus grits versus polenta. I immediately got this book from the library. I'm enjoying it a ton. I recommend it. The answer is like there is no difference between baking and roasting. I also wanted to share this is back to the listener Cory. I also wanted to share this recipe for crispy broccoli with sweet chili glaze and ginger from Jenny Rosenstock, which is the only like the only way I ever want broccoli anymore. Thanks for the podcast. Hope it goes on for always Ah, so we will link to this broccoli recipe that listener Corys recommended. And I am planning to make it and I guarantee it's going to be good because it was for like three small heads of broccoli, one stick of butter and a quarter cup of olive oil. So yeah, it's gonna be good.

Molly 28:39

Oh, oh, that's delightful. Jenny Rosen. strock is fantastic.

Matthew Amster-Burton 28:44

I mentioned this to two teenager the show December who is not a broccoli fan. And they were like, oh, yeah, I'll try that.

Molly 28:50

Excellent. Thank you listener Cory. I did not know that. Brett had written this book. I only knew of like the online early days of this. What's the difference concept? So I'm thrilled to hear about it. Thank you.

Matthew Amster-Burton 29:03

Yeah, it's really it's really fun. Like the info is good. But also it has like a real like like, wry sense of humor.

Molly 29:09

Awesome. Well, it's my week to do it now but wow.

Matthew, so some of our listeners may already be familiar with what I am wowing over if that's okay, but it it is a cache at this point. It's an almost five year old essay by ocean Vong. It's called a letter to my mother that she will never read is originally published in the New Yorker and has a really interesting story. So this is published as a nonfiction as an essay, but it became the sort of the opening for his novel oh

Matthew Amster-Burton 29:51

nine on Earth, we're

Molly 29:52

briefly gorgeous. So he sort of started from, you know, a true story, and then kind of took his image nation or you know, use his imagination to sort of expand it into a whole novel. But anyway, this essay is staggeringly beautiful. It is. It is about a really difficult, sometimes abusive mother son relationship. But it is I mean, I think it is one of the finest essays I have ever read. It is beautifully crafted ocean Vaughn has such a clear Lee poetic sensibility that he brings to writing this essay. And if this sounds good to you, go read it. It is spectacularly beautiful. Yeah, I just I am in awe of it and wanted to share it.

Matthew Amster-Burton 30:45

I will. We will link to it in the show notes a letter to my mother that she will never read by ocean. Vaughn. I do have a question for you. You mentioned this is from the May 2017. New Yorker, should listeners infer from this recommendation that that is as far as you've gotten in the pile of New Yorkers next to your bed?

Molly 31:03

No, okay. Yeah. In fact, nobody believes you. I stopped getting print issues of the checker because it could not handle the stack. No, of course no, actually. So now I just get a digital subscription, which I actually really love. The app is really good. And then I get the pleasure of sort of be bopping around like following following like, links from this article to this article, and anyway,

Matthew Amster-Burton 31:30

yeah. Whereas if you get the print issue, you're required to read it from front to back, including, like the New York theater listings.

Molly 31:36

No, be bopping.

Matthew Amster-Burton 31:38

No be bopping allowed. Alright, anything else we say about mimosas or anything else? Or dentistry? Or dead problematic English guys in cans?

Molly 31:51

I don't think so. I feel like we've really covered a lot.

Matthew Amster-Burton 31:55

I think we're really to the depths on this one

Molly 31:57

we have with emphasis on this being a really deep episode. All right. Well, our

Matthew Amster-Burton 32:01

our very deep producer is Abby circuit tele, please rate and review us wherever you get your podcasts come chat with other people on Reddit reddit.com/are/everything Spilled Milk where the topic of the week is definitely going to be what is your preferred Mimosa ratio?

Molly 32:15

Or like should we actually cancel Prince Albert? can fall

Matthew Amster-Burton 32:24

Yeah. Oh, yeah, that was worth repeating. Good. What does Molly have to look forward to in New Yorker issues beyond 2017?

Molly 32:34

Yeah, what's gonna happen in May? 2017? I mean, June 2017.

Matthew Amster-Burton 32:41

I mean, there's gonna be a cartoon of like, like a patient on lying on a couch. Maybe they'll be a really good Roz. chast Carter, they'll be a really good Roz. chast

Molly 32:49

Yeah. All right, everybody. Thank you for listening to spilled milk. The show that's like a stick of butter and a quarter cup of olive oil for your ears.

Matthew Amster-Burton 32:56

Which who? Who's the stick of butter? And who's the quarter cup of olive oil? That's for you to find out?

Molly 33:02

I'm Molly Weisenberger.

Matthew Amster-Burton 33:03

I'm Matthew Amster-Burton. Wait day lose. You

Molly 33:11

know I'm here. Can you hear me? I can't hear you why Testing? Testing? Testing. Testing. Oh,

Matthew Amster-Burton 33:17

yeah. That is weird. I know that it's the problems definitely on my end. Okay. Yeah, I was wearing the wrong headphones. We're good now.

Molly 33:25

Oh my god. That's great. I love it.

Matthew Amster-Burton 33:28

And we recorded all of that. So that's, let's just leave that in the episode. Perfect. Okay.