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We did it! We hit 60 new and upgrading subscribers, which means Molly will teach Matthew how to drive... and turn it into an episode. But it's not too late to get in on this year's pledge drive.

We give this show away for free, but it costs us money to make it. Your contribution helps us pay for ingredients, equipment, audio hosting, and plastic surgery to keep us young forever. It's important to us to keep Spilled Milk free so everyone who loves dumb jokes can enjoy it. So why support the show? Because our subscribers are just a little better than everyone else, and that's why we give them cool stuff. A Little Limbertwig subscription is $5/month. For that, you get:

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  • Discounted tickets and priority access to live shows

  • The pleasure of knowing that we're forever indebted to you and would probably wash your car, or worse.

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NOTE: To avoid melting chocolate and make shopping logistics easier, we only send junk food boxes out between October and December. If you become a Glycine Max subscriber at any other time of year, we'll send your postcard and merchandise out right away, but you'll have to wait for the box. Click the Subscribe button, and you'll choose your subscription level on the next page.

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